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4/18/2018 DNS New Feature Azure DNS now provides metrics for monitoring specific aspects of DNS zones that are hosted in the service. You can configure and receive alerts based on conditions that interest you. Metrics are provided via the Azure Monitor service. Link Link Details
4/18/2018 Log Analytics Updated Feature The Log Analytics Settings menu now includes a View section, which exposes two new capabilities. The first new capability is automatic sorting. Query results are now sorted by the time field ("TimeGenerated") by default. However, this setting controls client-side sorting. Queries that yield more than 10,000 results might not appear in true order (sorting is applied only to the displayed results, which are partial and might not be consecutive). For queries that yield more than 10,000 results, you should perform sorting on the server by adding "… | sort by TimeGenerated" to your query. Another new setting is the preferred number of results shown per page. If 50 results doesn't meet your needs, you can adjust the table to show up to 200 results per page. Also, Query Explorer now shows a context menu next to each saved item, so you can easily rename and delete items. Link Link Details
4/17/2018 App Services Updated Feature Following our communication earlier in the year, the App Service team is happy to announce that the ability to explicitly configure the TLS version for individual applications, is now available. Link Link Details
4/17/2018 Backup Updated Feature Today, we are delighted to announce increased scale limits for Azure Backup. Users can now create as many as 500 recovery services vaults in each subscription per region as compared to the earlier limit of 25 vaults per region per subscription. Customers who have been hitting the vault limits due to a restriction of 25 vaults can now go ahead and create vaults to manage their resources better. In addition, the number of Azure virtual machines that can be registered against each vault has been increased to 1,000 from the earlier limit of 200 machines under each vault. Link Link Details
4/17/2018 Security Center New Feature Today we are excited to announce several capabilities in Azure Security Center that will provide enhanced protection to help you keep pace with the evolving cybersecurity landscape including visibility and governance at the organizational level, integrated security configuration in the VM experience, a new IAM section, Just-in-time VM access GA, Adaptive application controls, interactive network security monitoring and much more. Link Link Details
4/17/2018 Portal Updated Feature We've made changes to the way subscription filtering works. You can filter subscriptions locally on browser resource blades without affecting the global subscription filter or subscription filtering settings on browser resource blades in other services. Link Link Details
4/17/2018 Sphere Preview Feature Today at RSA 2018, we announced the preview of Microsoft Azure Sphere, a new solution for creating highly-secured, Internet-connected microcontroller (MCU) devices. Azure Sphere includes three components that work together to protect and power devices at the intelligent edge. Link Link Details
4/17/2018 Portal New Feature Today we’re letting our customers know about our upcoming Data Subject Request (DSR) processing capability in the Azure portal, which will provide tenant admins a simple, powerful tool to quickly fulfill the Data Subject Requests that are central to compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will fully support these DSR capabilities before May 25, 2018, the date when enforcement of the GDPR begins and when Microsoft has committed to be GDPR compliant across our cloud services. Link Link Details
4/13/2018 App Services New Feature The Azure App Service team is happy to announce the global deployment of support for the HTTP/2 protocol for all apps hosted on App Service. HTTP/2 has been the top customer request we have received, and we are excited to light up support! Link Link Details
4/13/2018 Log Analytics New Feature Customers who use the Microsoft Operations Management Suite portal (OMS portal) can now manage log query–based alerts for Azure Log Analytics in the OMS portal and in the Azure portal. Beginning May 14, 2018, Microsoft will automatically extend alerts created in the OMS portal into Azure alerts. Monitoring won't be affected, and there's no downtime. Link Link Details

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