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2/11/2019 Maps New Features Today, Azure Maps is continuing to expand the offerings of our platform, introducing a new set of capabilities in the form of SDKs and cloud-based services, to enable enterprises, partners, and cities to build the solutions that will help visualize, analyze, and optimize these mobility challenges. Link Link Details
2/11/2019 IoT Hub New Features Today, we are happy to share that Azure IoT Hub Java SDK will officially support the Android Things platform. This announcement showcases our commitment to enable greater choice and flexibility in IoT deployments. Developers can leverage the benefits of the Android Things operating system on the device side, while using Azure IoT Hub as the central message hub that scales to millions of simultaneously connected devices. Link Link Details
2/11/2019 Kubernetes Service Region Update Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is now generally available in Australia Southeast. It's the seventeenth Azure region to offer the service. In the list of regions, you can see where AKS is available and where it's coming next. Link Details
2/11/2019 Stream Analytics New Features Azure Stream Analytics now supports custom deserializers. Be it Parquet, Protobuf, XML, or any binary format, developers can implement custom deserializers in C#, and then use them to deserialize events received by Stream Analytics. Link Details
2/11/2019 Stream Analytics New Features Azure Stream Analytics now natively supports Azure SQL Database as a source of reference data input. Developers can author a query to extract the dataset from Azure SQL Database, and configure a refresh interval for scenarios that require slowly changing reference datasets. For advanced scenarios, we also support "delta" queries that pull in incremental updates, as opposed to the entire snapshot of the database. Link Link Details
2/11/2019 Stream Analytics New Features Four new built-in functions in Azure Stream Analytics address common scenarios: REPLACE replaces all occurrences of a specified string value within another string value. COALESCE evaluates a list of arguments and returns the value of the first expression that is not NULL. ROUND returns a numeric value rounded to the specified length or precision. CROSS JOIN joins reference data with an event stream. Link Link Details
2/11/2019 Stream Analytics New Features Azure Stream Analytics now offers full support for the WKT geospatial format, to open up new possibilities and opportunities for developers. In addition, Stream Analytics has added support for geospatial indexing of reference data. This provides faster processing to support, for example, larger-scale fleet management and connected cars. The transition from geographic to geometry-based calculations will deliver geo-projected results to users. Link Link Details
2/11/2019 Stream Analytics New Features Users of Azure Stream Analytics can now run their real-time pipelines with authentication based on Managed Service Identity while writing to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 1. This will help users provision long-running jobs, because they no longer need to deal with password expiration. Link Details
2/11/2019 Virtual Machines Updated Features The serial console for Azure Virtual Machines now enables you to reboot your VM from within the console experience. This ability will help you if you want to reboot a stuck VM or enter the boot menu of your VM. In addition, we've added two new fonts that you can choose from: Inconsolata and PT Mono. Link Link Details
2/11/2019 Automation Updated Features The Update Azure Modules runbook is now open source on GitHub. Link Link Details

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