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2/8/2018 Virtual Machines Region Update Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) customers can now take advantage of the Azure M/V3/B-series of VM sizes available in the UK South region. We’re also excited to announce that Azure is the first hyperscale cloud provider to offer VMs optimized for large in-memory workloads such as SAP HANA in the UK. Link Link Details
11/28/2017 Virtual Machines Preview Features Today, we are excited to launch the preview of Azure Migrate. The service is now broadly available and there is no need to request access. Azure Migrate enables agentless discovery of VMware-virtualized Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs). It also supports agent-based discovery. This enables dependency visualization, for a single VM or a group of VMs, to easily identify multi-tier applications. Link Link Details
11/16/2017 Virtual Machines General Availability Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs) are generally available for customers worldwide, effective today. Azure RIs enable you to reserve Virtual Machines on a one- or three-year term, and provide up to 72% cost savings versus pay-as-you-go prices. Link Link Details
11/14/2017 Virtual Machines New Features We are launching a new VM size on Azure, the NCv3. This new size will offer the new NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU. You can sign up for the preview today. The NCv3-series virtual machines will use NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, which are the latest GPUs from NVIDIA. Like our previous GPU sizes, Azure is the only cloud with dedicated InfiniBand interconnects to enable incredibly fast multi-VM computations. Our GPU sizes also offer PCIe configuration with direct support for Azure premium storage. We will open preview access to the NCv3 series in the East US region in the coming weeks. Link Link Details
11/14/2017 Virtual Machines Retiring Features Starting November 15, 2017, both Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Cloud Services will be available only in the Azure portal. Access from the classic portal will no longer be supported. If you were using the classic portal for OS images, please use PowerShell instead. Link Link Details
10/27/2017 Virtual Machines New Features You can now use an Azure App Service Certificate to secure an IIS website on an Azure Virtual Machine. Link Link Details
10/25/2017 Virtual Machines Pricing Update There are pricing reductions of up to 21 percent for H-Series and G-Series virtual machines, effective for billing periods beginning on or after October 1, 2017. H-Series price reductions are available in the East US, West Europe, Japan East, and North Central US regions. G-Series price reductions are available in the Australia East, Canada East, Canada Central, and Germany Central regions. Link Details
10/11/2017 Virtual Machines General Availability We are happy to announce the availability of the Data Science Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. Link Link Details
10/10/2017 Virtual Machines General Availability Accelerated Networking is now generally available (Windows) and public preview updated (Linux). The reference link contains details of which VM images and regions are supported. Link Details
9/27/2017 Virtual Machines New Features We are excited to announce the latest versions of our most popular VM sizes (DS, ES, GS, and MS), which constrain the vCPU count to one half or one quarter of the original VM size, while maintaining the same memory, storage and I/O bandwidth. We have marked these new VM sizes with a suffix that specifies the number of active vCPUs to make them easier for you to identify. Link Link Details

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