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7/9/2018 Power BI Embedded General Availability PowerBI Embedded support for dashboards with Azure Stream Analytics is now GA. Link Link Details
7/3/2018 Stream Analytics Updated Feature Azure Stream Analytics now supports reference data with a maximum size of 300 MB. This is achievable only with simple queries on a stamp size greater than or equal to 6 streaming units (SUs). Link Link Details
5/10/2018 Stream Analytics New Feature It's now possible to partition your Azure Stream Analytics output to Azure Blob storage based on any column in the query. The partition key can be a column from the input stream, or it can be a field in the query itself. Link Link Details
5/10/2018 Stream Analytics New Feature Azure Stream Analytics now includes machine learning model support for spike and dip detection. This update adds to the available detection of bi-directional, slow positive, and slow negative trends. Link Link Details
5/10/2018 Stream Analytics New Feature Azure Stream Analytics jobs on Azure IoT Edge now support C# custom code. Alongside Visual Studio support for query authoring and ease of deployment provided by IoT Edge, C# custom code for Stream Analytics on IoT Edge will enable users to author rich streaming pipelines. It will also enable users to leverage existing code and libraries, or develop new logic that will run directly in the streaming engine. Link Link Details
5/9/2018 Stream Analytics Preview Feature A variety of new features have been announced for Stream Analytics, including public preview for Session window and private previews for C# custom code support on IoT Edge, Blob output partitioning by custom attribute and an updated ML model for Anomaly detection. Link Link Details
5/1/2018 Event Hubs Preview Feature We are happy to have the new client libraries for Go, Python, and Node.js in public preview. Do your application logging or click stream analytics pipelines, live Dashboarding, or any telemetry processing with our rich ecosystem offering language of your choice. Link Link Details
4/13/2018 Stream Analytics New Feature Azure Stream Analytics is now available for Azure IoT Edge. This empowers developers to deploy near-real-time analytical intelligence closer to IoT devices so that they can unlock the full value of device-generated data. It's designed for customers who require low latency, resiliency, efficient use of bandwidth, and compliance. Link Link Details
4/12/2018 Stream Analytics New Feature Following the release of JavaScript user-defined functions, Azure Stream Analytics now supports JavaScript user-defined aggregates (UDAs). With UDAs, you can run your own stateful computations: time-weighted averages, cumulative density, array cumulation, and much more. Link Link Details
4/12/2018 Stream Analytics New Feature The need to manage the stability of production code while promoting improvements and code updates as quickly as possible means that development teams spend a lot of time building continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes. To better help these teams, Azure Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio now include native support for CI/CD. Customers can perform automated builds, test scripts, and deploy them with the Stream Analytics Visual Studio projects, by using the newly released NuGet package. With this capability, it becomes easy to set up CI/CD pipelines for Stream Analytics jobs in the developer’s environment, as well as within other automated processes. Link Link Details

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