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7/24/2018 Storage New Feature Cloud scale applications typically require high concurrency to achieve desired performance when accessing remote data. The new Storage Java SDK simplifies building such applications by offering asynchronous operations, eliminating the need to create and manage a large thread-pool. This new SDK uses the RxJava reactive programming model for asynchronous operations, also relying on Netty HTTP client for REST requests. Link Link Details
6/29/2018 Storage Preview Feature Today we are excited to announce the public preview of static website hosting for Azure Storage! The feature set is available in all public cloud regions with support in government and sovereign clouds coming soon. This set of new storage capabilities provides a cost-effective and scalable solution for hosting modern web applications. For more more details on the feature, see the Microsoft Azure Blog and the complete static websites documentation. Link Link Details
6/20/2018 Storage Preview Feature The public preview of immutable storage for Azure Storage blobs is now available in all Azure public regions. Through configurable policies, users can keep Azure Blob storage data in an immutable state where blobs can be created and read, but not modified or deleted. Link Link Details
6/13/2018 Storage Preview Feature Today we are excited to announce the public preview of Blob Storage lifecycle management so that you can automate blob tiering and retention with lifecycle management policies. Link Link Details
5/31/2018 Storage General Availability Soft delete for Azure Storage blobs has entered general availability. The feature is available in all regions, both public and private. Link Link Details
5/31/2018 Storage Updated Feature The Azure File Sync service in Azure Storage is still in preview. We just released Refresh 2, the final refresh of the service and server agent before general availability (GA). Link Link Details
5/23/2018 Storage New Feature After the recent general availability for Storage Explorer, we also added new features in the latest 1.1 release to align with Azure Storage platform: Azurite cross-platform emulator Access tiers that efficiently consumes resources based on how frequently a blob is accessed The removal of SAS URL start time to avoid datacenter synchronization issues Link Link Details
4/2/2018 Storage General Availability Zone-redundant snapshots and images for Azure Managed Disks are now generally available. They are backed by zone-redundant storage that replicates your data across multiple zones. Link Link Details
3/31/2018 Storage General Availability Azure zone-redundant storage, which was previously in public preview, is now generally available. Zone-redundant storage greatly simplifies development of highly available applications by replicating your data to different Availability Zones, with inserts and updates to data being performed synchronously across these Availability Zones. You can continue with read and write operations on your data even when one of the Availability Zones is unavailable or unrecoverable. Link Link Details
3/27/2018 Storage Preview Features Today we are excited to announce the public preview of soft delete for Azure Storage Blobs! The feature is available in all regions, both public and private. When turned on, soft delete enables you to save and recover your data where blobs or blob snapshots are deleted. This protection extends to blob data that is erased as the result of an overwrite. Link Link Details

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