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12/4/2018 Service Fabric New Features Service Fabric integration with Bosh provides the following: Define and deploy infrastructure necessary for Service Fabric on any environment including on-premises (VMWare) and the three major public clouds (Azure, GCP, AWS) Define and deploy Service Fabric Ubuntu clusters on any environment Perform zero-downtime rolling upgrades of Service Fabric and the OS Monitor health of the infrastructure and reattach any downed VMs or disks back to the cluster Fully open source and collaboration to shape the future of this release is welcome! Link Link Details
11/30/2018 Service Fabric Updated Features We're excited to share that the 6.4 release of the Service Fabric runtime has started rolling out to the various Azure regions along with tooling and SDK updates. This release was announced at Ignite earlier this year, and over the next couple of weeks, the updates will be available in all the Azure regions. What's new in Service Fabric 6.4? Create and manage Azure clusters with Windows Server version 1803 (with the ability to run Windows Server version 1803 container images) General availability of the automatic backup and restore service that allows you to backup the data in Stateful Reliable Collections and Reliable Actors without any code. A viewer for data is being shipped independently. General availability of EventStore APIs for easier diagnostics (with integration in Service Fabric Explorer). Linux cluster events are now pumped to syslog and can be viewed in Log Analytics. Link Link Details
9/25/2018 Service Fabric General Availability We are announcing the general availability of the Automatic Backup and Restore service for Service Fabric stateful services, which makes it easy to reliably back up your stateful services across the cluster. Furthermore, we’ve added support for viewing the data as well as editing in a human friendly format before you restore. Backing up and restoring data becomes easier, as users do not need to code for either backing up or restoring data. Link Link Details
9/25/2018 Service Fabric New Feature We are announcing support for Azure clusters running Windows Server version 1803, as well as those running containers based on the same image for Azure clusters and Service Fabric Mesh. Windows Server version 1803 includes several improvements and fixes. Customers have often asked us to provide network isolation in addition to compute isolation to help enable multi-tenant scenarios. With this update, Service Fabric enables isolated networks per application as a preview. With an isolated network per application, service endpoints can only be reached from other applications if they are explicitly configured as such. Link Link Details
9/25/2018 Service Fabric New Feature We’ve added support for the Secret, Network, Gateway, and Volume resources in Mesh. You can now specify inline secrets using the Secrets resource in the Mesh Application model and deploy them to Azure Service Fabric Mesh. Network and Gateway resources enable multiple-ingress and routing, which let you specify per-request routing to services within your Mesh Application. Using secrets and routing, you can now host applications with HTTP and HTTPS endpoints in Service Fabric Mesh. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Service Fabric New Feature Service Fabric now enables developers to have access to a new runtime independent Reliable Collections library that facilitates Dev/Test scenarios, the ability to create volume disks to store information locally, as well as multiple updates targeted to simplify the service to service communication, such as DNS resolution for stateful services, a new layer 7 gateway based on Envoy, and network isolation per application. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Azure Stack New Feature Azure Service Fabric is now available on Azure Stack Link Link Details
8/22/2018 Service Fabric Updated Feature Today a new refresh of Service Fabric is being released. This is the first refresh release for 6.3 (CU1) and it contains updates to the following packages: Service Fabric Runtime Ubuntu - 6.3.124 Windows - Service Fabric for Windows Server Service Fabric Standalone Installer Package - .NET SDK Windows .NET SDK - 3.2.176 Microsoft.ServiceFabric - 6.3.176 Reliable Services and Reliable Actors - 3.2.176 ASP.NET Core Service Fabric integration - 3.2.176 Link Link Details
8/6/2018 Service Fabric Updated Feature July 10th, 2018 Windows OS Updates are breaking some Service Fabric clusters. Apply the following KBs for resolution: Windows Server 2016 - KB 4338814 Windows Server 2012R2 - KB 4338824, KB 4338815 Link Details
7/16/2018 Service Fabric Preview Feature At Build 2018, we shared the Service Fabric product roadmap and demonstrated Azure Service Fabric Mesh, a fully-managed service that enables developers to deploy and operate containerized applications without having to manage VMs, storage or networking configuration, while keeping the enterprise-grade reliability, scalability, and mission-critical performance of Service Fabric. Service Fabric Mesh supports both Windows and Linux containers, so you can develop with the programming language and framework of your choice. Today, after a couple of months of private preview, we are excited to open the preview of Service Fabric Mesh to everyone. Link Link Details

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