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1/2/2019 Log Analytics Updated Features Until now, clicking charts and tables in Log Analytics solutions and views has opened the classic log search page. Starting in early January, solutions and views will open the new Logs UX instead, offering an improved query editor and a full schema view. Link Link Details
12/12/2018 Cognitive Services New Features Starting December 21, 2018, you’ll be able to associate your Cognitive Services subscription with an Azure Search skillset. The skillset execution will be charged as part of the Cognitive Services subscription. On December 21, 2018, we’ll also begin charging for image extraction as part of our document-cracking stage. Text extraction from documents will continue to be offered at no additional cost. Link Link Details
11/7/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Features We are excited to share that Bing Local Business Search API on Cognitive Services is now available in public preview. Bing Local Business Search API enables users to easily find local business information within your applications, given an area of interest. The public preview of Bing Local Business Search API enables scenarios such as calling, navigation, and mapping using contact details, latitude/longitude, and other entity metadata. This metadata comes from hundreds of categories including professionals and services, retail, healthcare, food and drink, and more. Link Link Details
9/26/2018 Cognitive Services Updated Feature We are happy to share the release of additions and enhancements to Bing Custom Search. These include: Bing Custom Search now supports Video – Search video results from web sources that have been configured in your Bing Custom Search instance. More options to fine-tune and customize pre-defined color themes in Hosted UI. Enhancing the ability to pin specific web results to specific queries by supporting pinning queries that start with or end with a phrase/term instead of only exact matching. Ability to block specific queries from the auto-generated query suggestions. Link Link Details
8/16/2018 Monitor New Feature We see Azure Monitor users are using both the Log Search page and the Analytics portal to accomplish their tasks. The Analytics portal offers advanced features, and we’re happy to announce it’s coming into Azure! This is another step on our journey to consolidate and unify all Log Analytics experiences under Azure Portal. Link Details
7/17/2018 Maps New Feature The following advanced features and batch services are available for Azure Maps. They support the needs of large-scale enterprises with high volumes of concurrent users and mission-critical applications, along with users who need advanced functionality. Batch Search Service, Batch Geocoding Service: Batch operations for large search query sets. Return Polygons for Area feature: The ability to fetch a polygon that corresponds to an administrative boundary for a geographic entity. Batch Routing Service: Batch operations for large routing query sets. Matrix Routing Service: Many-to-many batch operations for large routing query sets. Route Range: Isochrone service that calculates range of distance based on area, time, and energy. Link Link Details
7/2/2018 Search General Availability Today we are announcing the general availability of synonyms. Synonyms allow Azure Search to associate equivalent terms that implicitly expand the scope of a query, without the user having to provide the alternate terms. Link Link Details
6/29/2018 Search Preview Feature Today, we are happy to announce public preview support for autocomplete in Azure Search, one of our most requested features on UserVoice. Autocomplete, also called “type-ahead search”, can enhance the search experience by finding potential terms in the index that match the partial term being written by the user. Link Link Details
6/6/2018 Search Security Update We are excited to announce that Azure Search has been certified for several levels of compliance including: ISO 27001:2013 SOC 2 Type 2 GxP (21 CFR Part 11) HIPAA and the HITECH Act HITRUST PCI DSS Level 1 Australia IRAP Unclassified Link Link Details
5/8/2018 Search New Feature Today we are announcing Cognitive Search, an AI-first approach to content understanding. Cognitive Search is powered by Azure Search with built-in Cognitive Services. It pulls data from a variety of Azure data sources and applies a set of composable cognitive skills which extract knowledge. This knowledge is then organized and stored in a search index enabling new experiences for exploring the data. Link Link Details

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