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4/18/2018 SQL Database General Availability Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) support for Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. This is one of the most frequently requested features by enterprise customers looking to protect sensitive data and meet regulatory or compliance obligations that require implementation of specific key management controls. TDE with BYOK support is offered in addition to TDE with service managed keys, which is enabled by default on all new Azure SQL Databases. Link Link Details
4/12/2018 SQL Data Warehouse New Feature SQL DW now supports Azure Monitor which is a built-in monitoring service that consumes performance and health telemetry for your data warehouse. The pause feature for SQL DW enables you to reduce and manage operating costs for your data warehouse by turning off compute during times of little to no activity. We have enhanced this feature within the Azure portal by detecting active running queries and providing a warning before issuing the pause command. SQL DW is tightly integrated across many Azure services enabling you to develop an advanced modern data analytics solution. One common pattern is to leverage Azure Analysis Services (AAS) with SQL DW in a hub and spoke pattern to optimize for cost, performance, and concurrency. To enable seamless access to AAS, a tighter integration point within the Azure Portal has been enabled. Link Link Details
3/27/2018 SQL Data Warehouse Region Update We are excited to announce the general availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse in three additional regions— Japan West, Australia East, and India West. These additional locations bring the product worldwide availability count to all 33 regions – more than any other major cloud data warehouse provider. With general availability, you can now provision SQL Data Warehouse across 33 regions with financially backed SLA of 99.9 per cent availability. Link Link Details
3/23/2018 Data Factory New Features Azure Data Factory V2 now supports Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication for Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse, as an alternative to SQL Server authentication. Link Link Details
2/23/2018 SQL Data Warehouse New Features Azure SQL Data Warehouse users can now skip these rows by using the First_Row option in the delimited text file format for PolyBase loads. Link Link Details
2/22/2018 SQL Data Warehouse New Features Unlocking faster query performance with Azure SQL Data Warehouse just got easier with the Graphical Execution Plan feature in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Take advantage of the familiar SQL Server query troubleshooting experience with an enhanced view that displays data movement operations of SQL Data Warehouse. You can quickly and visually identify costly steps in distributed SQL plans and take appropriate actions to fine tune and increase the performance of your queries. Link Link Details
2/2/2018 SQL Data Warehouse New Features The ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL command is now supported for Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Link Details
12/6/2017 SQL Data Warehouse New Features Azure SQL Data Warehouse supports the latest preview release of SQL Operations Studio. SQL Operations Studio is a free, lightweight tool for modern database development and operations. Link Link Details
11/16/2017 SQL Data Warehouse New Features Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports static resource classes (staticrc10 through staticrc80) in addition to the existing dynamic resource classes (smallrc, mediumrc, largerc, xlargerc). Link Link Details
10/31/2017 SQL Database New Features Elastic Query between SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Database is now available. Link Link Details

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