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3/22/2018 Marketplace New Features In addition to Terraform already being integrated to the Azure Cloud Shell, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the new Terraform solution in the Azure Marketplace. This solution will enable teams to use shared identity, using Managed Service Identity (MSI), and shared state using Azure Storage. These features will allow you to use a consistent hosted instance of Terraform for DevOps Automation and production scenarios. Link Link Details
3/22/2018 Virtual Machines Marketplace Update Red Hat Enterprise Linux now consumes EA Monetary Commitment in Azure Government cloud. Link Link Details
3/19/2018 Marketplace Updated Features We see strong customer interest in the Blockchain solutions that are available on the Azure Marketplace. As customers build production Blockchain scenarios, we understand that network reliability and health monitoring become increasingly important. Today, we are excited to announce significant enhancements to our Ethereum on Azure offering. These improvements are the first of a series of releases designed to enable production-ready consortium Blockchain networks suited for enterprise scenarios. Link Link Details
3/17/2018 Marketplace New Features A number of new Marketplace additions were added this month including (but not limited to) Informatica, Maestro, F6 and Moodle. Link Details
3/7/2018 Marketplace New Features As of March 1, 2018, third-party reseller services on the Azure Marketplace consume Enterprise Agreement (EA) monetary commitment. Previously these services were billed outside EA monetary commitment and were invoiced separately. EA monetary commitment for these services in the Marketplace helps simplify customer purchase and payment management. Link Details
2/14/2018 Marketplace New Features The January 2018 update to the Azure Marketplace has landed. This month's new features include a variety of new partner solutions from RSA, Cisco, Kafka, IBM and more. Link Link Details
2/1/2018 Marketplace Updated Features We are excited to announce a refresh for the Microsoft Jenkins offer in Azure Marketplace. Link Link Details
1/10/2018 Marketplace New Features We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. In December 2017, seven new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live including Heimdall, Luminate, Renku, BeeGFS and more. Link Details
1/5/2018 Marketplace Retiring Features Starting January 8, 2018, developer services in the classic portal will be available only in the Azure portal. We encourage current customers of dev services to try them out in the portal and give us feedback. The migration includes dev services visible in the marketplace tab such as ClearDB, Sendgrid, Raygun, Mailchimp, AbbyyCloudReader etc. After January 8, any customer visiting the classic portal will be forwarded to the Azure portal. Dev services will be visible as Classic Dev Services resources in the All Resources list. Link Details
12/11/2017 Marketplace New Features We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. In November 2017, 35 new offers went live. Highlights include new images for IBM WebSphere, RapidMiner, Red Hat Ent 7, Docker EE for Azure, Confluence Data Center and more. Link Details

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