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4/24/2018 Log Analytics Retiring Feature The Log Search API has been replaced with the Azure Log Analytics REST API. The REST API supports the new query language, as well as higher query limits in terms of the number of returned rows and payload size. The PowerShell cmdlet Get-AzureRmOperationalInsightsSearchResults has been replaced with the Invoke-LogAnalyticsQuery cmdlet, which also supports the new query language. The Log Search API will be deprecated during the week of April 30, 2018. Calls made to the Log Search API after its deprecation date will return a 410 error code, along with this message: "Log Search API is deprecated and has been replaced with the new Azure Log Analytics REST API." Link Link Details
4/18/2018 Log Analytics Updated Feature The Log Analytics Settings menu now includes a View section, which exposes two new capabilities. The first new capability is automatic sorting. Query results are now sorted by the time field ("TimeGenerated") by default. However, this setting controls client-side sorting. Queries that yield more than 10,000 results might not appear in true order (sorting is applied only to the displayed results, which are partial and might not be consecutive). For queries that yield more than 10,000 results, you should perform sorting on the server by adding "… | sort by TimeGenerated" to your query. Another new setting is the preferred number of results shown per page. If 50 results doesn't meet your needs, you can adjust the table to show up to 200 results per page. Also, Query Explorer now shows a context menu next to each saved item, so you can easily rename and delete items. Link Link Details
4/13/2018 Log Analytics New Feature Customers who use the Microsoft Operations Management Suite portal (OMS portal) can now manage log query–based alerts for Azure Log Analytics in the OMS portal and in the Azure portal. Beginning May 14, 2018, Microsoft will automatically extend alerts created in the OMS portal into Azure alerts. Monitoring won't be affected, and there's no downtime. Link Link Details
3/7/2018 Log Analytics Preview Features I am happy to share the public preview of a new capability – Metric Alerts on Logs for OMS Log Analytics. With this capability, customers can get lower latency alerts from logs. Link Link Details
12/29/2017 Log Analytics New Features We are happy to inform that the Azure Log Analytics (OMS) Agent is now capable of pushing SQL Server audit logs into Azure Log Analytics (OMS), supporting SQL Server both on-premises, as well as on Azure VMs. The Azure Log Analytics (OMS) platform can now be used as a centralized data store for all your SQL Server audit logs, for deeper visibility and advanced cross-resource analytics. Link Link Details
10/16/2017 Log Analytics Updated Features If you’re currently using Azure Log Analytics to monitor your environments for availability and performance, we’re rolling out new enhancements and changes for Log Analytics that you should be aware of. Including the new and improved query language, so that you can take appropriate action, if necessary. To take advantage of these enhancements, you’ll need to upgrade your workspaces. Link Link Details
9/22/2017 Log Analytics New Features Starting this week, you'll see two existing features in Operations Management Suite (OMS) in the Azure portal: View Designer and Workspace Settings. You'll now be able to add new data sources, view custom logs and fields, and create new OMS views within the Azure portal. You can access Workspace Settings by selecting Advanced settings under the Settings section of your Log Analytics Resource's table of contents. Link Link Details
8/23/2017 Log Analytics General Availability The Container Monitoring Solution is now GA. We've added new features to provide better insights to your Kubernetes cluster. With the new features, you can more easily narrow down container issues within a Kubernetes cluster. Now you can use search filters on you own custom pod labels and Kubernetes cluster hierarchies. With container process information, you can quickly see container process status for deeper health analysis. These features are only for Linux—additional Windows features are coming soon. Link Details
8/15/2017 Log Analytics Updated Features Learn about the latest improvements to Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Network Performance Monitor (NPM). These include availability in the Azure portal, hop-by-hop latency breakdown, agent diagnostics, and availability in more regions. Link Link Details
8/9/2017 Log Analytics New Features The Azure Log Analytics service is rolling out an upgrade to existing customers today – offering powerful search, smart analytics, and even deeper insights. This upgrade provides an interactive query language and an advanced analytics portal, powered by a highly scalable data store resembling Azure Application Insights. This creates a consistent monitoring experience for IT operations and developers. Link Link Details

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