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10/3/2018 Lab Services New Feature Currently Azure Lab Services enables you to set up one template virtual machine in a lab and make a single copy available to each of your user. But if you are a professor teaching an IT class on how to set up firewalls or servers, you may need to provide each of your students with an environment in which multiple virtual machines can talk to each other over a network. Nested virtualization enables you to create a multi-VM environment inside a lab’s template virtual machine. Publishing the template will provide each user in the lab with a virtual machine set up with multiple VMs within it. Link Link Details
8/22/2018 Lab Services New Feature We are happy to announce that we are releasing a Public Repository of ARM templates for each lab that you can use to to create environments, without having to connect to an external GitHub source by yourself. The repository includes frequently used templates such as Azure Web Apps, Service Fabric Cluster and Dev SharePoint Farm environment. This feature is similar to the public repository of artifacts that is included today for every lab that you create. The environment repository will allow you to quickly get started with pre-authored environment templates with minimum input parameters to provide you with a smooth getting started experience for PaaS resources within labs. Note that we will keep adding more templates to this repository to simplify environment creation. We would also like to inform you that this will be an open source repository that you can contribute into, to add frequently used and helpful ARM templates of your own. To contribute, simply submit a pull request to the repository at the DevTest Labs GitHub Repo and we will review it. Link Link Details
7/23/2018 Lab Services New Feature As a lab owner, you can now set a list of mandatory artifacts that will be applied on every machine created within your lab. Imagine a scenario where you want each machine in your lab to be connected to your corporate network. In this case each lab user would have to add a domain join artifact during virtual machine creation to make sure their machine is connected to the corporate domain. In other words, lab users would essentially have to re-create a machine in case they forget to apply such 'must have' artifacts on their machine. Mandatory artifacts will save your lab users the effort of adding such artifacts on a lab machine. Link Link Details
7/12/2018 Lab Services Documentation Update You can use the Azure DevTest Labs Tasks extension that is installed in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to easily integrate your CI/CD build-and-release pipeline with Azure DevTest Labs. These extensions make it easier to quickly deploy an "environment" for a specific test task and then delete it when the test is finished. This article shows how to create and deploy an environment, then delete the environment, all as one complete pipeline. You would ordinarily perform each of these tasks individually in your own custom build-test-deploy pipeline. Link Link Details
7/3/2018 Lab Services New Feature Three new features are now available in DTL for VM creation: auto VM name, auto user name and auto password (which stores to Azure Key Vault in the My Secrets blade). Link Link Details
5/18/2018 Lab Services New Feature The Azure DevTest Lab service significantly improves management of virtual machines for development and testing activities. However, team or infrastructure requirements change over time and we need to adapt our current activities to meet the new requirements – to enable this adaptation we’re introducing the ability to import Virtual Machines to another lab! Link Details
5/15/2018 Lab Services Updated Feature One of the great benefits of Azure virtual machines is the ability to change the size of your virtual machine based on the needs for CPU, network or disk performance. Lab users can now leverage this feature inside DevTest Labs. This feature allows users to update the size of their virtual machines according to their needs without having to create a fresh machine every time their requirements change. The resize feature will respect the lab policy for allowed virtual machine sizes within the lab. This means as a lab user you will be able to resize your machines to one of the available sizes in your lab. Link Link Details
5/11/2018 Lab Services Preview Feature We are excited to announce that Azure DevTest Labs is being expanded to offer new types of labs! These new lab types are managed labs, for which the service handles all the Azure infrastructure management for you. The managed lab types have entered Public Preview, and once the preview ends, the new lab types and the existing DevTest Labs will come under a new common umbrella name of Azure Lab Services. Link Link Details
5/7/2018 Cognitive Services New Feature Newly available as a Cognitive Services lab, Project Conversation Learner enables you to build and teach conversational interfaces that learn directly from example interactions. Spanning a broad set of task-oriented use cases, Project Conversation Learner applies machine learning behind-the-scenes to decrease manual coding of dialogue control logic. The Project Conversation Learner SDK works in conjunction with the Bot Builder SDK v4 preview, which makes bots, skills, and other conversational UIs built with Project Conversation Learner easy to deploy via the Bot Framework. Link Link Details

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