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7/12/2018 HDInsight Updated Feature With the release of Apache Kafka 1.0 on HDInsight, customers now get key features that make it easy to implement the most demanding scenarios. Link Link Details
7/10/2018 HDInsight Updated Feature Apache Spark 2.3.0 is now available for production use on the managed big data service Azure HDInsight. Ranging from bug fixes (more than 1400 tickets were fixed in this release) to new experimental features, Apache Spark 2.3.0 brings advancements and polish to all areas of its unified data platform. Link Link Details
6/27/2018 HDInsight Updated Feature Today we're announcing updates to Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Machine Learning Services, and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, and enhancements to Enterprise Security Package. These new capabilities will continue to drive savings for many customers. In addition, Microsoft is deepening its commitment to the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and has extended its partnership with Hortonworks to bring the best of Apache Hadoop and open-source big data analytics to the cloud. Link Link Details
4/30/2018 HDInsight New Feature We are happy to announce that HDInsight Tools for VSCode now supports argparse and accepts parameter based Pyspark Job submission. We also enabled the tools to support Spark 2.2 for PySpark author and job submission. Link Link Details
4/25/2018 HDInsight New Feature To provide more authentication options, Azure Toolkit for Eclipse and IntelliJ now supports integration with HDInsight clusters through Ambari for job submission, cluster resource browse and storage files navigate. Link Link Details
2/28/2018 HDInsight New Features To provide more authentication options, HDInsight Tools for VSCode now can be connected to HDInsight cluster through Ambari for job submissions. You can easily link (HDInsight: Link a cluster) or unlink (HDInsight: Unlink a cluster) a normal cluster by using Ambari managed username and password, which is independent of your Azure signing process. The Ambari connection applies to Spark and Hive clusters in all the Azure environments which host HDInsight services. Link Link Details
2/28/2018 StorSimple General Availability We are excited to announce the general availability of the StorSimple Data Manager. This feature allows you to transform data from StorSimple format into the native format in Azure blobs or Azure Files. Once your data is transformed, you can use services like Azure Media Services, Azure Machine Learning, HDInsight, Azure Search, and more. Link Link Details
12/18/2017 HDInsight Preview Features We are excited to announce public preview integration with Power BI direct query, which allows you to create dynamic reports based on data and metrics you already have on your Interactive Query clusters in Azure BLOB store or Azure Data Lake Store. You can now also build visualizations on your entire data set much faster with the most recent data. Link Link Details
12/18/2017 HDInsight Pricing Update We're happy to announce up to 52% price reduction for HDI and an 80% price reduction for R Server for HDI. Link Details
12/18/2017 HDInsight General Availability Apache Kafka on Azure HDInsight is now Generally Available. Link Link Details

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