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9/24/2018 HDInsight Preview Feature Earlier today, Microsoft Corporation announced its continuing support and commitment to enterprises seeking to use Hadoop for open source big data analytics in the cloud. Leading off the series of major upgrades to the Azure HDInsight service is the preview release of Hadoop 3.0, the transformational update to the Hadoop stack that enterprises have been waiting for since earlier this year. In addition, enterprises with strict security and compliance requirements will be able to secure their Azure HDInsight clusters using Enterprise Security Package. And there is something in this release for everybody! Spark developers will particularly like the series of innovations from Microsoft that will now allow them to quickly identify and resolve performance bottlenecks in their code. Link Link Details
9/7/2018 HDInsight Preview Feature Today, we are delighted to announce the Public Preview of the Apache Spark Debugging Toolset for HDInsight for Spark 2.3 cluster and forward. The default Spark history server user experience is now enhanced in HDInsight with rich information on your spark jobs with powerful interactive visualization of Job Graphs & Data Flows. The new features greatly assist HDInsight Spark developers in job data management, data sampling, job monitoring and job diagnosis. Link Link Details
8/22/2018 HDInsight New Feature G-series memory-optimized and storage-optimized VMs are available in Azure HDInsight. Link Link Details
8/21/2018 HDInsight Updated Feature Azure HDInsight now supports Kafka 1.1. You can choose the Kafka version that you want during cluster creation in the Azure portal. Link Link Details
8/20/2018 HDInsight Region Update Azure HDInsight is now available in South India. Across the world, Azure HDInsight is available in 27 public regions. Link Link Details
8/20/2018 HDInsight New Feature A_V2, a new general-purpose compute VM series, is available in Azure HDInsight. A_V2 VM sizes range from 1 core, 2 GiB of memory, and 10 GB SSD, scaling up to 8 cores, 64 GiB of memory, and 80 GB SSD. A_V2 instances are available in most regions. Customers can build Hadoop, Spark, Hive, interactive query (LLAP), Kafka, Storm, and HBase solutions with A_V2 series. Link Link Details
8/16/2018 HDInsight New Feature Apache Phoenix is an open source, massively parallel relational database layer built on HBase. Phoenix allows you to use SQL like queries over HBase. Phoenix uses JDBC drivers underneath to enable users to create, delete, alter SQL tables, indexes, views and sequences, upset rows individually and in bulk. Phoenix uses NOSQL native compilation rather than using MapReduce to compile queries, enabling the creation of low-latency applications on top of HBase. Apache Phoenix enables OLTP and operational analytics in Hadoop for low latency applications by combining the best of both worlds. In Azure HDInsight Apache Phoenix is delivered as a 1st class Open Source framework. Link Link Details
7/12/2018 HDInsight Updated Feature With the release of Apache Kafka 1.0 on HDInsight, customers now get key features that make it easy to implement the most demanding scenarios. Link Link Details
7/10/2018 HDInsight Updated Feature Apache Spark 2.3.0 is now available for production use on the managed big data service Azure HDInsight. Ranging from bug fixes (more than 1400 tickets were fixed in this release) to new experimental features, Apache Spark 2.3.0 brings advancements and polish to all areas of its unified data platform. Link Link Details
4/30/2018 HDInsight New Feature We are happy to announce that HDInsight Tools for VSCode now supports argparse and accepts parameter based Pyspark Job submission. We also enabled the tools to support Spark 2.2 for PySpark author and job submission. Link Link Details

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