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5/10/2018 Event Hubs Preview Feature Organizations need data driven strategies to increase competitive advantage. Customers want to stream data or analyze in real-time to get valuable insights faster. To meet these big data needs, you need a massively scalable distributed event driven messaging platform with multiple producers and consumers Apache Kafka and Azure Event Hubs provide such distributed platforms. Link Link Details
5/1/2018 Event Hubs Preview Feature We are happy to have the new client libraries for Go, Python, and Node.js in public preview. Do your application logging or click stream analytics pipelines, live Dashboarding, or any telemetry processing with our rich ecosystem offering language of your choice. Link Link Details
4/26/2018 Event Hubs Preview Feature You can now efficiently send events and receive event streams from Azure Event Hubs in your Python applications by using the updated Event Hubs package for Python. To get started, run pip install azure-eventhub and follow the README to learn how to address common scenarios. You can now efficiently send events and receive event streams from Azure Event Hubs in your Node.js applications by using the updated Event Hubs package for Node.js. To get started, run npm install azure-event-hubs and follow the README to learn how to address common scenarios. Link Link Details
4/12/2018 Stream Analytics Preview Feature To improve the self-service troubleshooting experience, integration of Azure Stream Analytics with Azure Monitor is in preview. This integration provides a systematic way to deal with lost, late, or malformed data, while enabling efficient mechanisms to investigate errors caused by bad data. Having immediate access to data that causes errors helps you quickly address problems. You can control how a job acts when errors occur in data, and persist relevant event data and operational metadata (for example, occurrence time and counts) in Azure Storage or Azure Event Hubs. You can use this data for diagnostics and troubleshooting offline. You can also analyze data routed to Azure Storage by using the visualization and analytics capabilities of Azure Log Analytics. Link Link Details
3/29/2018 Event Hubs Region Update Geo-disaster recovery for Azure Event Hubs is now enabled in all Azure regions. You can now enable this configuration on your existing namespaces and new namespaces in the region of your choice. Link Link Details
3/29/2018 Event Hubs Preview Features You can now integrate Azure Event Hubs in your Go applications by using the new Event Hubs package for Go. To get started, run go get github.com/Azure/azure-event-hubs-go or dep ensure -add github.com/Azure/azure-event-hubs-go and follow the README. API docs are available on GoDoc. Link Link Details
3/22/2018 Event Hubs General Availability The Event Hubs team is happy to announce the general availability of our integration with Apache Spark. Now, Event Hubs users can use Spark to easily build end-to-end streaming applications. The Event Hubs connector for Spark supports Spark Core, Spark Streaming, and Structured Streaming for Spark 2.1, Spark 2.2, and Spark 2.3. Link Link Details
12/22/2017 Event Hubs Preview Features We are happy to announce the preview release of Managed Service Identity (MSI) and Role-based access control (RBAC) for Azure Event Hubs. In this preview we show how to use the two features with Azure Event Hubs. Link Link Details
10/25/2017 Event Hubs New Features Effective November 13, 2017, we will offer a new pricing tier for Event Hubs Dedicated, which introduces hourly fixed pricing and will be available to all customers. Link Details
10/20/2017 Event Grid New Features We have introduced Event Hubs as a new subscription endpoint type available for Azure Event Grid. Today, this feature is available via the CLI by using the --endpoint-type parameter and specifying eventhub instead of the default webhook. When using this option, you specify the endpoint as the Azure Resource Manager path of the Event Hub you want to send the events to. Assuming you already have an Event Hub, you can get this resource path and navigate to your Event Hub in the portal. Link Link Details

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