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10/17/2018 Data Lake Store Preview Features Virtual network integration enables you to prevent unauthorized access to your Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 account by locking down access from only allowed subnets within your virtual network. It enables the same use case as virtual network service endpoints. With Data Lake Storage Gen2 coming soon, this feature helps enable uniform network security for customers with existing Data Lake Storage Gen1 accounts. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Databricks Preview Feature Azure Databricks comes built in with the ability to connect to Azure Data Lake Storage, Cosmos DB, SQL DW, Event Hubs, IoT Hubs, and several other services. We now have the ability to allow customers to store connection strings or secrets in the Azure Key Vault.Azure Key Vault can help you securely store and manage application secrets reducing the chances of accidental loss of security information by centralizing the storage of secrets.When using Key Vault with Azure Databricks to create secret scopes, data scientists and developers no longer need to store security information such as SAS tokens or connections strings in their notebooks. Access to a key vault requires proper authentication and authorization before a user can get access. Authentication establishes the identity of the user, while authorization determines the operations that they are allowed to perform. Link Link Details
6/27/2018 Data Lake Store Preview Feature Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 offers a no-compromise data lake. It unifies the core capabilities from the first generation of Azure Data Lake with a Hadoop compatible file system endpoint now directly integrated into Azure Blob Storage. This enhancement combines the scale and cost benefits of object storage with the reliability and performance typically associated only with on-premises file systems. This new file system includes a full hierarchical namespace that makes files and folders first class citizens, translating to faster, more reliable analytic job execution. Link Link Details
6/6/2018 Data Lake Store New Feature We are pleased to announce the integration of VSCode explorer with Azure blob storage. If you are a data scientist and want to explore the data in your Azure blob storage, please try the Data Lake Explorer blob storage integration. If you are a developer and want to access and manage your Azure blob storage files, please try the Data Lake Explorer blob storage integration. The Data Lake Explorer allows you easily navigate to your blob storage, access and manage your blob container, folder and files. Link Link Details
3/5/2018 Data Lake Store New Features We are happy to announce that job monitoring and job view have been added into the Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio Code. Now, you can perform real-time monitoring for the jobs you submit. You can also view job summary and job details for historical jobs as well as download any of the input or output data and resources files associated with the job. Link Link Details
3/1/2018 Data Lake Store Region Update Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Data Lake Analytics are now generally available in the West Europe region, in addition to the previously announced regions of East US 2, Central US, and North Europe. Link Link Details
2/13/2018 Data Lake Store Preview Features Providing a rich GUI for Azure Data Lake Storage resources management has been a top customer ask for a long time, we are thrilled to announce the public preview for supporting Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) in the Azure Storage Explorer (ASE). Link Link Details
12/18/2017 HDInsight Preview Features We are excited to announce public preview integration with Power BI direct query, which allows you to create dynamic reports based on data and metrics you already have on your Interactive Query clusters in Azure BLOB store or Azure Data Lake Store. You can now also build visualizations on your entire data set much faster with the most recent data. Link Link Details
10/20/2017 Data Lake Store New Features Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio now provides the ability to export all or part of a database associated with an ADL Analytics (ADLA) account into a database on a local machine. This capability is very useful when creating local environment for development or debugging. Link Details
9/12/2017 Analysis Services New Features Support for Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) is now available in Azure Analysis Services and in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). Now you can augment your big data analytics workloads with rich interactive analysis for selected data subsets at the speed of thought! Business users can consume Azure Analysis Services models in Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) can be used to run U-SQL batch jobs directly against the source data, such as to generate targeted output files that Azure Analysis Services can import with less overhead. Link Link Details

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