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10/17/2018 Cognitive Services Region Update New regions are now available for Azure Cognitive Services. The Content Moderator, Computer Vision, Face, Translator Text, and Language Understanding (LUIS) Services are now generally available in US Government regions. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Feature Speech service – A single endpoint for all Azure Cognitive Services speech capabilities. Use one Azure key to access all speech services around the world. Generally available versions include: Speech to Text – Benefit from updated and improved models, deployed to new Azure data centers and full compliance with ISO, SOC and HIPAA, as well as 17 new languages for a total of 30 languages available now. Customize your models and boost accuracy right within the service. For call centers, you can count on high-quality transcriptions. Text to Speech – Create an end-to-end speech recognition app for global audiences. Speech Translation – For customer support bots, make a request in your language and have it translated into different languages. Custom Voice – For conversational AI, use your own voice with our custom voice font in your preferred language. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Feature Neural text-to-speech can be used to make interactions with chatbots and virtual assistants more natural and engaging, convert digital texts such as e-books into audiobooks and enhance in-car navigation systems By using the computational power of Azure, we can deliver real-time streaming, which is useful for situations such as interacting with a chatbot or virtual assistant. . Link Link Details
9/14/2018 Cognitive Services General Availability Earlier today, we announced the general availability (GA) of Video Indexer. New features are also rolling out now including a new video playing experience, new insights capabilities and new integration features that work with Microsoft Flow. Link Link Details
8/27/2018 Cognitive Services Updated Feature We are pleased to announce the release of another update to the Cognitive Services Speech SDK (version 0.6.0). With this release, we have added the support for Java on Windows 10 (x64) and Linux (x64). We are also extending the support for .NET Standard 2.0 to the Linux platform. Link Link Details
7/17/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Feature The 0.5.0 update to the Speech SDK for Azure Cognitive Services was just released in preview. This update adds support for UWP (on Windows version 1709), .NET Standard 2.0 (on Windows), and Java on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API level 23) or later. It also includes feature changes and bug fixes. Most notably, we now support long-running audio and automatic reconnection. This will make the Speech service more resilient in the event of time-out, network failures, or service errors. We’ve also improved error messages to make it easier to handle errors. Link Link Details
7/2/2018 Cognitive Services New Feature We are excited to share that Video Indexer has a new capability, Spoken Language Identification (LID)! A common ask from our customers has been to enable indexing of videos or batches of videos, without manually providing their language. This is especially important for batch uploads. To support this, we have introduced automatic spoken language identification to Video Indexer. The identified language is used to invoke the appropriate speech-to-text model. Link Link Details
6/8/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Feature On May 7, 2018, we released the Cognitive Services Speech SDK as a preview. Today, we released the 0.4.0 update to the SDK. The update adds audio input stream support and detailed output format support, along with bug fixes. For details, see the release notes. Link Link Details
5/7/2018 Cognitive Services General Availability Bing Visual Search, a new service in general availability that lets you harness the capabilities of Bing Search to perform intelligent search by image capabilities, such as searching similar products for a given product (e.g. in retail scenario, wherein user would like to see products similar to the one being considered), identifying barcodes, text, celebrities and many more! We’re also announcing a preview by invite portal for intelligent Visual Search. Link Link Details
5/7/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Feature We’re also announcing new Cognitive Services labs, providing developers with an early look at the emerging Cognitive Services technologies, such as: Project Answer Search – enables you to enhance your users’ search experience by automatically retrieving and displaying commonly known facts and information from across the internet. Project URL Preview - informs your users’ social interactions by enabling creation of web page previews from a given URL or flagging adult content to suppress it. Project Anomaly Finder enables developers to monitor their data over time and detect anomalies by automatically applying a statistical model. Project Conversation Learner by invite - enables you to build and teach conversational interfaces that learn directly from example interactions. Spanning a broad set of task-oriented use cases, Project Conversation Learner applies machine learning behind the scenes to decrease manual coding of dialogue control logic. Project Personality Chat – available soon by invitation– makes intelligent agents more complete and conversational by handling common small talk in a consistent tone and fallback responses. Give your agent a personality by choosing from multiple default personas, and enhance it to create a character that aligns with your brand voice. Project Ink Analysis – available soon by invitation- provides digital ink recognition and layout analysis through REST APIs. Using various machine learning techniques, the service analyzes the ink stroke input and provides information about the layout and contents of those ink strokes. Project Ink Analysis can be used for a variety of scenarios that involve ink to text as well as ink to shape conversions. Link Link Details

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