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9/24/2018 CDN General Availability Azure CDN’s multi-CDN ecosystem enables you to manage CDN as an Azure resource through an on-demand API driven model. This flexibility along with three strong CDN infrastructures enables you to easily add multi-CDN as part of your content delivery strategy. Using these CDN solutions on their own, side-by-side in a multi-CDN solution or tiering them to maximize reliability, offload and performance, you can focus on optimizing your delivery to suit your business needs. Link Link Details
8/9/2018 CDN New Feature Today we're happy to announce eight additional point-of presence (POP) locations also adding three new countries to our global coverage. The new locations online and available: North America Seattle, WA, USA Las Vegas, NV, USA Houston, TX, USA Europe Budapest, Hungary Barcelona, Spain Warsaw, Poland India New Delhi, India Asia Busan, South Korea Link Link Details
5/7/2018 CDN Preview Feature Today we are excited to announce the public preview of Microsoft as a provider within Azure CDN, enabling Azure customers to use and deliver content from Microsoft’s own global CDN network. This CDN option is being added alongside existing provider options from Verizon and Akamai. Link Link Details
12/7/2017 CDN New Features Content Delivery Networks (CDN) help bring your content closer to your users all over the world. One key way the CDN improves latency is by intelligently caching files on CDN edge servers located in various geographic regions. This new feature allows customers using Azure CDN standard from Verizon or Akamai to create rules to direct the CDN servers to override their default caching behavior. Azure CDN from Premium customers would still be able to use the Rules Engine to manage their cache. This feature will allow you to specify cache duration of a specific file, files under a path, or specific file extensions to be cached based on values specified to the CDN. Many users find this easier than managing cache directive headers on the origin server itself. Link Link Details
5/17/2017 CDN New Features When delivering content to a large global audience, it is critical to ensure optimized delivery of your content. This new capability is targeted to accelerate and optimize performance based on the scenarios you may use Azure CDN to deliver. These scenarios can include general website or web application delivery, media streaming, file download, etc. Optimization will be applied by default to the scenario you specified in the "optimized for" option when you create a CDN endpoint. Link Link Details
5/11/2017 SDKs New Features At Microsoft Build 2017, we announced new functionality available in Azure CLI 2.0 through these new or significantly enhanced command modules - appservices, cdn, cognitive services, cosmosdb, data lake analytics and store, dev/test labs, functions, monitor, mysql, postgres, service fabric client, vsts. Link Link Details
5/10/2017 CDN New Features CDN Enhanced Integrations with App Services and Storage so you can add CDN to your Azure web app service or Azure storage account without leaving the respective portal experience. Link Details
5/2/2017 CDN New Features You can now enable and manage CDN for your Azure web app service or Azure storage account without leaving the portal experience. Link Link Details
4/7/2017 CDN New Features The Azure CDN now supports HTTP/2 for all customers. Link Link Details
2/6/2017 CDN General Availability We are very excited to let you know that this feature is now available with Azure CDN from Verizon. The end-to-end workflow to enable HTTPS for your custom domain is simplified via one-click enablement, complete certificate management, and all with no additional cost. Link Details

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