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9/26/2018 Stream Analytics New Feature Azure Stream Analytics now supports high-performance and efficient write operations to Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse to help customers achieve four to five times higher throughput than what was previously possible. To achieve fully parallel topologies, Stream Analytics will transition SQL writes from serial to parallel operations while simultaneously allowing for batch size customizations. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Databricks Preview Feature Azure Databricks Delta, available in preview today, is a powerful transactional storage layer built on Apache Spark to provide better consistency of data and faster read access. With customers continuing to build complex pipelines for both batch and streaming data, there is a need to simplify the ETL pipelines. To build a consistent view, customers often create multiple stages in their pipeline to accommodate for evolving schemas and also to support lambda patterns with different stages for batch and stream processing. Link Link Details
7/17/2018 Maps New Feature The following advanced features and batch services are available for Azure Maps. They support the needs of large-scale enterprises with high volumes of concurrent users and mission-critical applications, along with users who need advanced functionality. Batch Search Service, Batch Geocoding Service: Batch operations for large search query sets. Return Polygons for Area feature: The ability to fetch a polygon that corresponds to an administrative boundary for a geographic entity. Batch Routing Service: Batch operations for large routing query sets. Matrix Routing Service: Many-to-many batch operations for large routing query sets. Route Range: Isochrone service that calculates range of distance based on area, time, and energy. Link Link Details
7/2/2018 Cognitive Services New Feature We are excited to share that Video Indexer has a new capability, Spoken Language Identification (LID)! A common ask from our customers has been to enable indexing of videos or batches of videos, without manually providing their language. This is especially important for batch uploads. To support this, we have introduced automatic spoken language identification to Video Indexer. The identified language is used to invoke the appropriate speech-to-text model. Link Link Details
6/13/2018 Batch Updated Feature The monthly update to Batch services has been released. This month includes updates to marketplace image support, updates to batch rendering, an update to batch labs, and new VM labs. Link Link Details
6/6/2018 Marketplace New Feature We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From May 1 to 15, 28 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. A few examples: CentOS for Azure Batch, Apptimized Suite, Ubuntu Server for Azure Batch, Infrastructure for SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA on SUSE and more. Link Link Details
5/7/2018 Machine Learning Preview Feature Azure ML with Project Brainwave: We're announcing a preview of Project Brainwave integrated with Azure ML. Brainwave is an architecture for deep neural net processing that enables super-fast AI with hardware acceleration. It initially supports ResNet50-based neural networks on Intel FPGA hardware for very low latency inferencing and transfer learning. Based on our internal performance metrics, Project Brainwave’s promise is the lowest latency and lowest cost for real-time AI in the industry, especially for single (batch size 1) inferences. Link Link Details
5/3/2018 Virtual Machine Scale Set Preview Feature We are thrilled to announce the public preview of low-priority virtual machines (VMs) on VM scale sets. Low-priority VMs allow users to run their workloads at a fraction of the price, enabling significant cost savings. This offering has been available through our Azure Batch service since May 2017, and because we have seen great customer success we are expanding it to VM scale sets. This is a great option for resilient, fault-tolerant applications as these VMs are allocated using our unutilized capacity and can, therefore, be evicted. Low-priority VMs are available through VM scale sets with up to an 80 percent discount. Link Link Details
1/10/2018 SQL Database Updated Features Database compatibility level 140 is now the default for new databases created in Azure SQL Database across almost all public regions. As of this writing, there are already 539,903 databases in Azure SQL Database running in compatibility level 140. The biggest change is the enabling of the adaptive query processing feature family, but there are also query processing-related fixes and batch mode improvements as well. Link Link Details
12/7/2017 Kubernetes Service New Features We are also excited to introduce Kashti, a dashboard and visualization tool for Brigade pipelines, a project we announced in Prague at the Open Source Summit. Brigade helps developers and operations managers get their work done quickly by scripting together multiple tasks and executing them inside of containers. This has many applications including Kubernetes-native CI/CD, ETL, batch workflows, and more. Kashti extends Brigade with a dashboard UI, built as a Kubernetes service and installed via Helm. With Kashti, developers can easily manage and visualize their Brigade events and projects through a web browser. Link Link Details

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