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9/24/2018 Application Gateway New Feature We are pleased to add to the existing Application Gateway traffic analytics toolkit the integration of Application Gateway access logs with the popular open source GoAccess real-time log analyzer framework via a published Azure Quickstart template. This integration gives customers another choice for deriving insights on AppGW traffic flow. GoAccess presents data in a rich dashboard for multiple output formats such as terminal or HTML. Link Link Details
9/14/2018 Application Insights Region Update Azure Application Insights is now available in Central India. Application Insights can monitor applications in any part of the world, and Application Insights resources can be created in seven regions. Collected data is stored locally in the selected region. Link Link Details
7/18/2018 Log Analytics New Feature In Azure Log Analytics, you can now easily select your active workspace with the Select workspace button, available from the top of the schema pane. (It's also available in Azure Application Insights Analytics, offering application selection.) The selector is added to each one of your tabs, so you can query a different workspace in each query editor tab for your convenience. Link Details
7/10/2018 Application Insights General Availability User behavior analytics tools in Azure Application Insights is now Generally Available. Link Link Details
5/23/2018 Application Insights General Availability Application Insights is a pivotal part of the Azure portfolio. It enables developers to peel the layers of their application and extract insights at each layer. In addition to insights, to operate at scale, you need the ability to identify and react quickly to changes in your application. Earlier, we introduced the preview of log alerts for Application Insights—which enables users to proactively monitor and trigger alerts from a custom analytics query. Now the feature is in general availability. Link Link Details
5/18/2018 Application Insights Preview Feature You can use Azure Application Insights to monitor a distributed modern cloud application. In the same spirit, log alerts enable you to combine data across various apps. For more information, see the post on how to query across resources. Cross-app query support in log alerts is currently in preview. While it’s in preview, it’s available for all Azure users to use without charge. Link Link Details
5/10/2018 Application Insights Updated Feature We are pleased to announce a series of improvements on Application Insights Profiler and Snapshot Debugger. Profiler identifies the line of code that slowed down the web app performance under load. Snapshot Debugger captures runtime exception call stack and local variables to identify the issue in code. To ensure users can easily and conveniently use the tools, we delivered the following new features for Profiler and Snapshot Debugger: Link Link Details
5/8/2018 App Services Updated Feature Any developer that has mission-critical serverless apps running in production needs a solid monitoring experience. In Azure Functions, this rich monitoring experience is already provided with Application Insights, but today we are announcing further integration with Application Insights making it the default monitoring experience. Link Link Details
5/7/2018 Container Service New Feature DevOps Project support for AKS – with a few simple clicks developers can create a new AKS cluster, containerize their application, deploy with a VSTS CI/CD pipeline, and view integrated App Insights telemetry – all through DevOps Project. Link Link Details
3/5/2018 Application Insights New Features Several new features are now available for AppInsights including faster, more insightful experience for Users, Sessions and Events, a new Impact Tool, and more capabilities for user flows. Link Link Details

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