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2/7/2018 API Management Retiring Features After April 1st, 2018, the Azure API Management Publisher portal will largely be no longer be accessible. Please use the Azure portal to perform all administrative tasks after this date. The developer portal will remain available. All content management capabilities of the developer portal, in addition to Analytics and Applications, will also remain available to customers. Link Details
2/7/2018 API Management Preview Features We are launching a public preview of the capability to have tags applied to your APIs and operations. This enables the organization of large lists – both in terms of management and presentation on the developer portal. Tags can be applied during manual editing or they can be imported as part of an OpenAPI Specification. When exporting, only tags that are set on operations will be part of the specification, as tags on the API are not supported by the standard. Link Details
1/12/2018 API Management General Availability We are pleased to announce the general availability of Versions & Revisions in Azure API Management. This feature lets customers: Present groups of related APIs to your developers. Versions differentiate themselves through a version number (which is a string of any value you choose), and a versioning scheme (path, query string or header). Make changes to your APIs in a controlled and safe way. When you want to make changes, create a new revision. You can then edit and test API without disturbing your API consumers. When you are ready, you can then make your revision current – at the same time, you can post an entry to the new change log, to keep your API consumers up to date with what has changed. Link Link Details
1/12/2018 API Management Preview Features Today we are excited to announce the Public Preview of Azure API Management (APIM) integration with Azure Application Insights (AI)! This new feature lets customers add APIM telemetry to AI and use AI’s rich set of capabilities to monitor and troubleshoot their APIs. Link Details
12/20/2017 Resource Manager Preview Features We are previewing an ARM API to set and manage a budget at the subscription scope. Current EA customers have a similar capability in the EA portal, at the department level. This release is the first step towards making the same set of capabilities work for you across the hierarchy of your management plane. Link Link Details
12/20/2017 API Management Updated Features New this month in API Management: The context object in policy expressions now provides properties for The version and revision numbers The timestamp when the request was received from the client and the elapsed time since then When using the Service Fabric with multiple endpoints defined, APIM will pick the first endpoint if none is specified Link Details
12/7/2017 API Management Updated Features On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, we began to deploy a regular service update. New in this update: We fixed a routing issue with our new revisions feature relating to APIs defined at the root. Revisions will now work with APIs defined in this way. The Versions and Revisions feature remains in preview at this time. Request, Response and template parameters are now exposed in the GET /apis/{aid}/operations management operation. These values not being returned was causing some customers issues when creating and using ARM templates. We have updated the DotLiquid library used in the set-body policy to version 2.0.227. This version provides support for support for strip, lstrip and rstrip filters. We added support for wildcard hostnames in the developer portal console Link Details
12/4/2017 API Management Pricing Update Based on customer feedback, the APIM team has refactored the pricing tiers. Basic is roughly the same feature and SLA wise. New is AAD (with B2C) support in the standard tier and the elimination of call quotas and bandwidth constraints. Finally, there is hourly billing for all tiers to support dynamic scaling. Link Link Details
11/17/2017 API Management Updated Features This month's APIM update includes minor bug changes and fixes. Link Details
11/11/2017 API Management Updated Features This month's API Management update includes a number of bug fixes including Added validation of the subnet name before deploying an API Management service into a virtual network. Added a proper error message when trying to deploy a service to a subnet with a name beginning with numbers. Link Details

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