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4/19/2018 Virtual Machines New Feature We’re excited to announce that NV-Series virtual machines are now generally available in US Gov Virginia. NV-Series is designed to support visualization scenarios which enables customers to use NVIDIA® Tesla® M60 GPUs and NVIDIA® GRID in Azure for desktop accelerated applications and virtual desktops. With these powerful visualization GPUs in Azure Government, customers can visualize graphic-intensive workflows to get superior graphics capability and run single precision workloads such as encoding and rendering. Link Link Details
4/19/2018 Backup New Feature We are happy to announce the Azure IaaS VM backup support for network restricted storage accounts. Link Link Details
4/18/2018 API Management Updated Feature Now it is possible to disable MSI using management API by either omitting the identity property or setting its value to null. Management API now includes endpoints for managing issues. We added the following capabilities that were missing in the Azure portal UI: Configure caching policy using a form-based editor. Add/edit user note. Specify a description for the request body. Send email when a user is subscribed to a product. Link Link Details
4/18/2018 Virtual Network Updated Feature Global VNet Peering is now generally available in four additional regions: Europe West, US East 2, Asia South East, and Central US. Link Link Details
4/18/2018 CosmosDB New Feature We are pleased to announce that Spring Data Azure Cosmos DB is now available to provide essential Spring Data support for Azure Cosmos DB using SQL API. Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model database service with exceptional scalability and performance. Link Link Details
4/18/2018 DDoS Protection General Availability Today we are excited to announce the general availability of the Azure DDoS Protection Standard service in all public cloud regions. This service is integrated with Azure Virtual Networks (VNet) and provides protection and defense for Azure resources against the impacts of DDoS attacks. Link Link Details
4/18/2018 Virtual Machines Region Update We are excited to announce the launch of Azure M-series Virtual Machines in the USGov Virginia region. Azure M-series VMs offer memory up to 4 TB on a single VM with configurations of 64 or 128 hyper-threaded vCPUs, powered by Intel® Xeon® 2.5 GHz E7-8890 v3 processors. We’re also excited to announce that Azure is the first hyperscale cloud provider to offer VMs with up to 4TB optimized for large in-memory database workloads in a sovereign cloud. Link Link Details
4/18/2018 SQL Database General Availability Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) support for Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. This is one of the most frequently requested features by enterprise customers looking to protect sensitive data and meet regulatory or compliance obligations that require implementation of specific key management controls. TDE with BYOK support is offered in addition to TDE with service managed keys, which is enabled by default on all new Azure SQL Databases. Link Link Details
4/18/2018 Resource Manager Preview Feature In the past, Azure customers on Enterprise Agreement (EA) have subscriptions that are centrally controlled by the company’s cloud operations or IT team. When a team or employee in the company wants to start using Azure, they need to get access to the EA enrollment so that it gets billed to the company EA. To do that, the employee or team makes a request to the central cloud operations team, go through approval, and have an Azure subscription provisioned as prescribed by the company’s cloud governance policies. During this process, an EA subscription must be manually created using the Azure Account Center. As these company’s Azure adoption increases, the manual step in creating subscriptions becomes a bottleneck in scalability in their cloud management. To unblock these customers, we've created an API and a suite of SDK for Azure EA subscription creation. Link Link Details
4/18/2018 Marketplace Updated Feature We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. In March 2018, 55 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. Some examples of new images: SugarCRM on Windows 2012R2, Apache Web on Ubuntu 14.04, MySQL 5.7 on CentOS 7.4 and many many more! Link Link Details

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