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5/27/2018 Virtual Machines Region Update Today, we're excited to announce that M-series VMs are now generally available in four more regions: Australia East, Australia Southeast, Japan East, Japan West. Link Details
5/27/2018 Marketplace New Feature Azure has a thriving ecosystem where partners can publish many different offer types including virtual machine images, SaaS, solution templates, and managed applications, allowing customers to solve their unique problems in the way which best fits their scenario. At Build, we announced a new category of offer in Azure Marketplace - container images and is now available. Link Link Details
5/27/2018 Marketplace New Feature Following the launch of M-SERIES/SAP HANA certified Virtual Machines (VMs) on Azure, we are happy to announce a new marketplace offering in partnership with SUSE. The offering leverages Azure Resource Manager Templates to automate the rapid provisioning of an SAP HANA infrastructure in Azure with SUSE technology. Link Link Details
5/27/2018 Marketplace New Feature Increasingly, customers are turning to cloud marketplaces to discover, trial, and buy cloud solutions. Software as a service (SaaS) apps are a core part of those customer needs. Azure Marketplace has long-offered SaaS apps for discovery and trial. At Build, we announced that SaaS apps can now be transacted within Azure Marketplace and is now available. Link Link Details
5/27/2018 Portal New Feature New offerings include the general availability of the Azure GDPR Data Subject Request (DSR) portal, Azure Policy, Compliance Manager for GDPR, Data Log Export, and the Azure Security and Compliance Blueprint for GDPR. Link Link Details
5/27/2018 Database for MySQL General Availability Azure Database for MySQL now supports Data-in Replication. Use this feature to synchronize data from a MySQL server running on-premises, in virtual machines, or database services outside Azure into the Azure Database for MySQL service. Link Link Details
5/27/2018 Site Recovery Retiring Feature The following versions of the Azure Site Recovery REST API will be deprecated on July 31, 2018: 2014-10-27 2015-02-10 2015-04-10 2015-06-10 2015-08-10 Azure Site Recovery REST API users can continue to use API version 2016-08-10 and later. This change does not affect the Azure Site Recovery portal and PowerShell users. Link Link Details
5/24/2018 Storage Preview Feature We are excited to announce the preview of Azure AD Authentication for Azure Blobs and Queues. This capability is one of the features most requested by enterprise customers looking to simplify how they control access to their data as part of their security or compliance needs. This capability is available in all public regions of Azure. Link Link Details
5/24/2018 Portal Preview Feature We are making available the public preview of the create subscription experience in the Azure portal. This capability will directly align with the the ability to create multiple enterprise subscriptions using the Create Subscription API. This experience is fully integrated in the Azure portal and will enable you to quickly get an EA subscription created without any programming. Link Link Details
5/24/2018 Resource Manager New Feature Today, at ChefConf, the Chef and Azure teams are excited to announce the inclusion of Chef InSpec, directly in Azure Cloud Shell, as well as the new Chef Developer Hub in Azure Docs. Link Link Details

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