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7/21/2018 API Management Updated Feature On July 20, 2018, we initiated a regular service update. Changes and fixes In the “Select Logic App to import” list, we now filter out Logic Apps that don’t have an HTTP trigger. We fixed a bug in tag deduplication logic that was causing 500 error when importing from OpenAPI. We added two new regions in China – China East 2 and China North 2. Link Details
7/20/2018 Portal New Feature Today we're excited to announce the launch of a graphical editor embedded directly in Azure Cloud Shell. Through collaboration with the Visual Studio Code team and their open-source Monaco project, the same web-standards based editor that powers Visual Studio Code is now integrated directly into Cloud Shell. Link Link Details
7/20/2018 Storage General Availability Azure File Sync is now generally available. Link Link Details
7/20/2018 Backup Updated Feature The monthly update rollup for Azure Backup has been published with a number of changes and fixes. Link Link Details
7/18/2018 Container Instance Region Update Azure Container Instances supports Linux containers in three new regions: Australia East (New South Wales), East US 2 (Virginia), and Central US (Iowa). These additions bring the total to nine regions across the globe. Link Link Details
7/18/2018 Log Analytics New Feature In Azure Log Analytics, you can now easily select your active workspace with the Select workspace button, available from the top of the schema pane. (It's also available in Azure Application Insights Analytics, offering application selection.) The selector is added to each one of your tabs, so you can query a different workspace in each query editor tab for your convenience. Link Details
7/18/2018 Marketplace Marketplace Update As part of our ongoing partnership, which my colleague Kashif Ali discussed in his November update, we are delighted to announce the launch of Corda Enterprise v3.1 to the Azure Marketplace. This comes at a time when the state of digital ledger, blockchain technology, and the surrounding industry are maturing and continuing to grow rapidly. In particular, maturity around the R3 ecosystem is accelerating. Link Link Details
7/18/2018 SQL Database General Availability The vCore-based purchasing model for the Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool and Single Database deployment options is generally available. The vCore-based purchasing model reflects our commitment to customer choice by providing flexibility, control, and transparency. As an additional benefit, the vCore-based model makes the Elastic Pool and Single Database options eligible for up to 55 percent savings with the Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server. Link Link Details
7/18/2018 SQL Database General Availability In Azure SQL Database, auto-failover groups are now generally available. They extend active geo-replication with the following capabilities: Geo-replication of a group of databases Transparent manual or automatic group failover Independent routing to secondary databases for load balancing of read-only workloads Link Link Details
7/18/2018 SQL Database General Availability Configurable long-term backup retention for Azure SQL Database is now generally available in all Azure regions and national clouds. It offers a rich set of capabilities: Flexible backup policies. You can customize the frequency of long-term backups for each database. Policies cover weekly, monthly, and yearly backups, with specific week-within-a-year backups. Management of individual backups. You can delete backups that are not critical for compliance. Streamlined configuration. There's no need to provision a separate backup service vault. Link Link Details

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