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4/20/2017 CosmosDB Preview Features Data Explorer, now in preview, provides a rich and unified developer experience for inserting, querying, and managing Azure DocumentDB data within the Azure portal and the Emulator. Data Explorer consolidates many of the database management tools available in the DocumentDB portal, such as Document Explorer, Query Explorer, and Script Explorer, so that they can all be done without switching blades. Data Explorer is a one-stop shop for management of your DocumentDB data. Link Details
4/11/2017 CosmosDB Updated Features We recently updated our Service Level Agreements (SLA) to make them comprehensive to include latency, availability, throughput, and consistency. Link Link Details
3/23/2017 CosmosDB New Features We have expanded the SQL grammar in Azure DocumentDB to support aggregate functions. Link Link Details
3/15/2017 CosmosDB New Features Apache Spark connector for DocDB is now available. Link Link Details
3/15/2017 CosmosDB General Availability API for MongoDB is now generally available in Azure DocumentDB. API for MongoDB is a fully managed service with enterprise-grade service level agreements (SLAs) and customer support. You can use familiar MongoDB tool chains, skills, and drivers to code against the DocumentDB database engine. Link Link Details
3/15/2017 CosmosDB New Features We’re excited to announce that we have expanded the SQL grammar in DocumentDB to support aggregate functions with the last service update. Link Link Details
2/13/2017 CosmosDB New Features We’re happy to announce the ability to add Azure Search to a collection directly from DocumentDB with a click of a button. Link Details
2/8/2017 CosmosDB Updated Features Today we are pleased to announce that partitioned collections have an entry point 75% cheaper than before. Instead of provisioning 10,100 RU/sec as a minimum, you can now provision a partitioned collection at 2,500 RU/sec and scale in increments of 100 RU/sec. Partitioned collections enable you to dynamically scale your provisioning from as low as 2,500 RU/sec to millions of RU/sec with no limit on storage consumption. Link Details
2/2/2017 CosmosDB Preview Features Version 1.11.3 of the Azure DocumentDB .NET SDK is available via NuGet. Included in the update is 32 bit processor support and several new features. Link Link Details
1/30/2017 CosmosDB New Features You can use the Azure DocumentDB ODBC driver to connect to DocumentDB by using BI analytics tools such as SQL Server Integration Services, Power BI Desktop, and Tableau. You can then analyze and create visualizations of your DocumentDB data in those solutions. Link Link Details

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