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5/15/2019 Database for MySQL Preview Features Cross-region asynchronous replication is now in preview for Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Create up to five read-only replica servers for every master server to scale out and balance read-heavy workloads across replica servers and Azure regions. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 Database for Postgres New Features Now available to the public, the orafce extension is supported on Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Orafce is a popular extension designed to enhance Postgres with additional functions and operators. This extension can be helpful if you’re migrating from other databases to Postgres. The orafce extension is available today for all regions in which Azure Database for PostgreSQL is generally available. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 Database for MariaDB New Features Azure Database for MariaDB users can now take advantage of generally available support for slow query log integration with Azure Monitor, which allows you to export your logs to Azure Monitor logs (previously named Log Analytics), Event Hubs, and Azure Storage. Use this integration to retain the logs for a longer period of time by storing them in Azure Storage, stream them to Event Hubs to be ingested by third-party services, or analyze them with Azure Monitor logs. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 CosmosDB New Features Now generally available, Azure Cosmos DB SQL API provides support for Distinct, Skip & Take, Correlated Subquery, and Composite Indexes. Composite indexes let you create multi OrderBy queries. You’ll be able to continue to query using SQL as a JSON query language and will now have available to you an even richer set of features. Azure Cosmos DB also now has better performance of aggregates in queries. In most cases, aggregate’s RU consumption will decrease significantly. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 CosmosDB Updated Features Enhanced Gremlin functionality in Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API is now available. Our support now includes an execution profile function for performance evaluation and string comparison functions aligned with the Apache Tinkerpop specification. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 Lab Services New Features We are excited to announce that Reserved instances discounts are now available for VMs and Azure SQL Database instances created in your Dev/Test offer subscriptions. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 DevOps New Features Azure Pipelines, our hosted CI/CD solution, has been offering developers the ability to build and test applications using Microsoft-hosted macOS and Xcode agents, including apps for iOS and watchOS. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 Portal Updated Features New updates to the portal are now available including but not limited to faster browsing, improved search, sign in support for GitHub accounts, and more. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 Kubernetes Service General Availability We are pleased to announce general availability of Azure Dev Spaces. This add-on for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) enables your team to develop applications with cloud velocity. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 Virtual Machines Region Update HB-series, designed to provide supercomputer-grade performance and scalability with the best price-performance on the public cloud, are now Generally Available in South Central US and Western Europe. Optionally, HB-series VMs can connect to a Cray ClusterStor in Azure storage system for ultra high-performance storage needs. Link Link Details

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