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8/27/2018 Site Recovery New Feature Today, we are glad to announce cross-subscription disaster recovery (DR) support for Azure virtual machines using Azure Site Recovery (ASR). You can now configure DR for Azure IaaS applications to a different subscription with in the same Azure Active Directory tenant. Link Link Details
8/20/2018 Site Recovery Updated Feature In order to make it easier for customers to take advantage of the new offers available to you, Azure Site Recovery has now added the ability to migrate servers running Windows Server 2008, including servers running 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 to Azure. Link Link Details
7/31/2018 Site Recovery Updated Feature Update Rollup 27 for Azure Site Recovery is now available. It provides new versions of these components: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Unified Setup/Mobility agent (9.18.4946.1)—used for replication from VMware to Azure Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Provider (5.1.3550.0)—used for Hyper-V replication to Azure/secondary site Microsoft Azure Recovery Services agent (2.0.9125.0)—used for replication from Hyper-V to Azure Link Link Details
6/4/2018 Site Recovery General Availability Disaster recovery for Azure IaaS virtual machines general availability: You likely need disaster recovery capabilities to ensure your applications are compliant with regulations that require a business continuity plan (such as ISO27001). You also may need your application to run continuously in the unlikely event of a natural disaster that could impact an entire region. With the general availability of this new service, you can configure disaster recovery within minutes, not days or weeks, with a built-in disaster recovery as a service that is unique to Azure. Learn more about how to get started by visiting our documentation. Link Link Details
5/27/2018 Site Recovery Retiring Feature The following versions of the Azure Site Recovery REST API will be deprecated on July 31, 2018: 2014-10-27 2015-02-10 2015-04-10 2015-06-10 2015-08-10 Azure Site Recovery REST API users can continue to use API version 2016-08-10 and later. This change does not affect the Azure Site Recovery portal and PowerShell users. Link Link Details
2/15/2018 Site Recovery General Availability We are happy to announce that Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now provides you the ability to setup Disaster Recovery (DR) for IaaS VMs using managed disks. With this feature, ASR fulfills an important requirement to become an all-encompassing DR solution for all of your production applications hosted on laaS VMs in Azure, including applications hosted on VMs with managed disks. Link Link Details
2/15/2018 Site Recovery New Features Azure Site Recovery now provides you the ability to setup Disaster Recovery for IaaS VMs using managed disks. Link Details
1/25/2018 Site Recovery New Features With the latest release of the Azure Site Recovery service for VMware to Azure, we bring a new, intuitive and simplified getting started experience, which gets you setup and ready to replicate virtual machines in less than 30 minutes! New features include OVF template based setup, intuitive inf management experience, and more! Link Details
1/25/2018 Site Recovery General Availability Comprehensive monitoring for Azure Site Recovery now generally available. Includes enhanced vault overview page, replication health model, failover readiness model, simplified troubleshooting, and more! Link Link Details
12/14/2017 Site Recovery General Availability We are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of the Azure Site Recovery Deployment Planner for VMware and Hyper-V. This tool helps VMware and Hyper-V enterprise customers to understand their on-premises networking requirements, Microsoft Azure compute and storage requirements for successful Azure Site Recovery replication, and test failover or failover of their applications. Link Link Details

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