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3/18/2019 Security Center New Features The network map in Azure Security Center now supports virtual network peering. Directly from the network map, you can view allowed traffic flows between peered virtual networks and deep dive into the connections and entities. Link Link Details
3/18/2019 Security Center Updated Features In Azure Security Center, adaptive application control in audit mode is now available for Azure Linux VMs. This whitelisting solution is also available for non-Azure Windows and Linux VMs and servers that are connected to Security Center. In addition, you can now rename groups of virtual machine and server clusters in Security Center. They're still automatically named group1, group2, and so on. But you can then edit them to provide a more meaningful name to your machine cluster groups, to help you better represent those application control policy groups. Link Link Details
3/18/2019 Security Center Preview Features The new Azure Security Center regulatory compliance dashboard is in public preview. It helps streamline the process for meeting regulatory compliance requirements by providing insights into your compliance posture. The information provided is based on continuous assessments of your Azure environment. To support your business needs and to provide compliance reports to auditors and executives, you can use the Download now link to generate a .pdf file that provides the overall status for each regulatory standard you select. Link Link Details
3/18/2019 Security Center Updated Features In Azure Security Center, the number for secure score impact represents how much your overall secure score will improve if you follow recommendations. This number changed for several recommendations, as part of the continuous improvement effort for Azure Security Center. The change might affect your overall secure score. Link Link Details
3/18/2019 Security Center Updated Features We're updating Azure Security Center policies to use Azure Policy. You either have been migrated or will be migrated soon, and no action is required of you. Link Link Details
3/18/2019 Security Center Updated Features Secure score is now the main compliance KPI in the Azure Security Center dashboard, replacing the previous percentage-based compliance metric. Link Link Details
3/18/2019 Security Center Updated Features Azure App Service security recommendations have been improved to provide greater accuracy and environment compatibility. Link Link Details
3/5/2019 Security Center New Features Security Center can now learn the network traffic and connectivity patterns of your Azure workload and provide you with NSG rule recommendations for your internet facing virtual machines. This helps you better configure your network access policies and limit your exposure to attacks. Link Details
3/5/2019 Security Center Updated Features We are extending adaptive application controls in Azure Security Center to include Linux VMs and servers/VMs external to Azure (Windows and Linux) in audit mode. This means that Azure Security Center will identify applications running on your servers which are not in compliance with the Azure Security Center generated whitelisting rules and will audit those violations. Link Link Details
11/27/2018 Security Center Updated Features Security Center Network Map is now GA. The security policy page has been updated to use new built in policies, the pricing model has been updated and more. Link Link Details

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