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10/17/2018 SQL Database Preview Features Today we are excited to announce the public preview of Accelerated Database Recovery! Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) is a new SQL Server Engine feature (available in Azure SQL, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and SQL Server on-premises) that greatly improves database availability, especially in the presence of long running transactions, by completely redesigning the current SQL Server recovery process from the ground up. The primary benefits of ADR are: Fast and consistent Database Recovery With ADR, long running transactions do not impact the overall recovery time, enabling fast and consistent database recovery irrespective of the number of active transactions in the system or their sizes. Instantaneous Transaction rollback With ADR, transaction rollback is instantaneous, irrespective of the time that the transaction has been active or the number of updates that has performed. Aggressive Log Truncation With ADR, the transaction log is aggressively truncated, even in the presence of active long running transactions, which prevents it from growing out of control. Link Link Details
10/17/2018 SQL Database Pricing Update Now generally available for vCore-based resource types in Azure SQL Database (excluding Managed Instance), Dev/Test pricing provides a cost-effective way to run your development and testing workloads on Azure SQL Database. With Dev/Test pricing for Azure SQL Database, you can save up to 55% versus list prices. Get started today with a Visual Studio subscription and visit the Azure Dev/Test pricing page for more information. Determine your savings with our pricing calculator. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 SQL Database Updated Feature A variety of updates have been made to the chain of tools Azure provides collectively as Azure Database Migration Service including the Data Migration Assistant, SQL Server Migration Assistant, Database Experimentation Assistant and the Database Migration Guide. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 SQL Database Preview Feature Managed Instance is a new deployment option in Azure SQL Database that provides SQL Server compatibility and native virtual network support. Move your SQL Server workloads to an intelligent, fully managed service without rearchitecting your apps and use the new vCore-based performance tiers for easy translation of on-premises requirements to the cloud. Move your SQL Server databases to Managed Instance today and save up to 30 percent with Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 SQL Database General Availability Azure SQL Database Managed Instance general purpose will become generally available on October 1, 2018. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 SQL Database New Feature Previously released under the name of SQL Operations Studio, Azure Data Studio offers a modern editor experience for managing data across multiple sources with fast intellisense, code snippets, source control integration, and an integrated terminal. Azure Data Studio is engineered with the data platform user in mind, with built-in charting of query result-sets and customizable dashboards. Azure Data Studio will continue to be updated on a monthly basis and currently offers built-in support for SQL Server on-premises and Azure SQL Database, along with preview support for Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and SQL Server 2019 Big Data. Link Link Details
8/15/2018 SQL Database Updated Feature We are pleased to announce the August 2018 release of the Azure Database Migration Service (DMS), which includes the following key updates. Virtual network (VNET) guidance for DMS service creation and SQL Server to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance migration updates. Link Link Details
7/18/2018 SQL Database General Availability The vCore-based purchasing model for the Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool and Single Database deployment options is generally available. The vCore-based purchasing model reflects our commitment to customer choice by providing flexibility, control, and transparency. As an additional benefit, the vCore-based model makes the Elastic Pool and Single Database options eligible for up to 55 percent savings with the Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server. Link Link Details
5/18/2018 SQL Database General Availability We are delighted to announce the general availability of SQL Vulnerability Assessment for Azure SQL Database! SQL Vulnerability Assessment (VA) provides you a one-stop-shop to discover, track and remediate potential database vulnerabilities. It helps give you visibility into your security state, and includes actionable steps to investigate, manage and resolve security issues, and enhance your database fortifications. VA is available for Azure SQL Database customers as well as for on-premises SQL Server customers via SSMS. Link Link Details
5/4/2018 SQL Database Preview Feature Following the recent announcement of the vCore-based purchasing model for Azure SQL Database Elastic Pool and Single Database, we are excited to offer additional compute and storage configurations, including support of the Generation 5 compute platform. This addition reflects our commitment to supporting a wider range of database applications with the flexibility, control, and transparency enabled by the vCore-based configurations. The new configuration options are eligible for up to 30 percent savings with the Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server. Link Link Details

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