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11/7/2018 Event Hubs General Availability We are excited to announce the general availability of Azure Event Hubs for Apache Kafka. With Azure Event Hubs for Apache Kafka, you get the best of both worlds—the ecosystem and tools of Kafka, along with Azure’s security and global scale. Link Link Details
9/26/2018 Stream Analytics New Feature Visual Studio tooling for Azure Stream Analytics further enhances the local testing capability to help users test their queries against live data or event streams from cloud sources such as Azure Event Hubs or IoT Hub. This helps developers test their queries without having to stop and restart their jobs, so they're more efficient. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Databricks Preview Feature Azure Databricks comes built in with the ability to connect to Azure Data Lake Storage, Cosmos DB, SQL DW, Event Hubs, IoT Hubs, and several other services. We now have the ability to allow customers to store connection strings or secrets in the Azure Key Vault.Azure Key Vault can help you securely store and manage application secrets reducing the chances of accidental loss of security information by centralizing the storage of secrets.When using Key Vault with Azure Databricks to create secret scopes, data scientists and developers no longer need to store security information such as SAS tokens or connections strings in their notebooks. Access to a key vault requires proper authentication and authorization before a user can get access. Authentication establishes the identity of the user, while authorization determines the operations that they are allowed to perform. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Event Hubs General Availability Version 1.0 of the Node.js package for Azure Event Hubs is now generally available. Link Link Details
9/13/2018 Event Hubs General Availability Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Go is now generally available. Link Link Details
9/5/2018 Event Hubs General Availability Version 1.0 of the Python package for Azure Event Hubs is now generally available. Event Hubs queues can receive millions of events per second from sources like Azure IoT hubs, cloud application logs, and data analysis services like Azure HDInsight. And the queues can route these events to managed services like Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Functions, and Azure Cosmos DB. By using this new package, developers can send events from any Python application to Event Hubs and receive and handle events in Python applications and systems. Link Link Details
7/30/2018 Monitor Preview Feature Today in partnership with the Azure Active Directory (AAD) team we are excited to announce the public preview of AAD Activity Logs using Azure Monitor diagnostic settings. Azure Monitor diagnostic settings enable you to stream log data from an Azure service to three destinations: an Azure storage account, an Event Hubs namespace, and/or a Log Analytics workspace. This allows you to easily route logs from any Azure service to a data archive, SIEM tool, or custom log processing tool. With today’s announcement, you will now be able to route your AAD audit and sign in logs to these same destinations, centralizing all of your Azure service logs in one pipeline. Link Link Details
7/3/2018 Event Hubs Preview Feature The Azure team is happy to announce the public preview of IP Filtering for Event Hubs Standard and Dedicated price plans. Link Link Details
7/3/2018 Event Hubs Preview Feature Azure Event Hubs, a highly reliable and easily scalable data streaming platform as a service (PaaS) offering has been prolific this year with new features such as Availability Zones and a big investment into Open Source with enabling support for Apache Kafka. We are now announcing a public preview of Virtual Network Service Endpoints. Link Link Details
6/21/2018 Event Hubs Preview Feature Today, we are adding to the durability of the service and offering support for Availability Zones in public preview for Standard Event Hubs. This new feature adds even greater resiliency and fault tolerance to the top event streaming service. Support for Availability Zones partners nicely with our disaster recovery feature to offer a highly available service that can withstand both a zone outage and a regional one when both are properly utilized. Link Link Details

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