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10/25/2018 DevOps Updated Features In the Sprint 142 Update of Azure DevOps, there have been several improvements to YAML, such as adding custom counters to your builds, specifying branches to build for pull requests, and using templates inline. We have also turned on the new navigation for all users, introduced a dark theme, and improved the linking and attachments experiences in Azure Boards. Link Link Details
10/3/2018 DevOps Updated Feature In the Sprint 141 Update of Azure DevOps Services, you can now include compliance and security validations in Azure Pipelines. In Azure Repos, you can change the target branch of pull requests. Link Link Details
9/25/2018 Virtual Machines Preview Feature Today, we are excited to announce the public preview of Shared Image Gallery. Shared Image Gallery provides an Azure-based solution to make the custom management of virtual machine (VM) images easier in Azure. Shared Image Gallery provides a simple way to share your applications with others in your organization, within or across regions, enabling you to expedite regional expansion or DevOps processes, simplify your cross-region HA/DR setup and more. Shared Image Gallery also enables you to quickly deploy thousands of VMs concurrently from a custom image. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 DevOps New Feature Azure Policy is now integrated into the Azure DevOps release management experience so that companies can define a set of policies and ensure that code is not deployed until it is compliant. With this new level of up-front policy compliance IT can be assured that policies are being adhered to and open production environments to developers to enable faster innovation. In addition, Azure Policy has been enhanced to enable remediation of non-compliant policies on existing resources. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 DevOps Updated Feature In the Sprint 140 Update of Azure DevOps Services, you'll find a new way to customize build dependencies to your specific requirements with the introduction of container jobs in Azure Pipelines. In Wiki, you can now add videos, rename, and add a table of contents with a single click. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 App Services New Feature A new Logic Apps extension for Visual Studio Code is now available in preview that enables developers to do more with a first-party development experience. The extension is designed for developers who prefer to do their application integration work in the context of familiar development tools, and provides the support to: Create, edit, and manage logic apps and integration accounts from any development platform that Visual Studio Code runs on (Linux, Windows, Mac). Take advantage of the Visual Studio Code development experience, including IntelliSense and advanced debugging. Encompass application integration code into existing DevOps practices using Azure DevOps. To top it off, we’ve open-sourced the Logic Apps extension for Visual Studio on GitHub as well. Link Link Details
9/10/2018 DevOps New Feature With the introduction of Azure DevOps today, we’re offering developers a new CI/CD service called Azure Pipelines that enables you to continuously build, test, and deploy to any platform or cloud. It has cloud-hosted agents for Linux, macOS, and Windows, powerful workflows with native container support, and flexible deployments to Kubernetes, VMs, and serverless environments. Link Link Details
9/10/2018 DevOps New Feature Today we are announcing Azure DevOps. Working with our customers and developers around the world, it’s clear DevOps has become increasingly critical to a team’s success. Azure DevOps captures over 15 years of investment and learnings in providing tools to support software development teams. In the last month, over 80,000 internal Microsoft users and thousands of our customers, in teams both small and large, used these services to ship products to you. Link Link Details
8/22/2018 DevOps New Feature In the Sprint 139 Update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), you can now migrate Hosted XML projects to the Inheritance process model to ease customization. Plus, your releases can now be triggered by a PR to help you execute additional testing before a merge. Link Link Details
8/6/2018 DevOps Updated Feature The Sprint 138 Update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), the results pages for release pipelines is enhanced with a summarized view of test results that organizes related outcomes into a hierarchy. Also in Build and release, we've added a way to view the details of the installed software on Microsoft-hosted agent pools. In Work, you can now view your team's work on the Work Items hub. Link Link Details

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