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11/15/2017 CosmosDB New Features Today we're excited to launch native support for Apache Cassandra API in Azure Cosmos DB – offering you Cassandra as-a-service powered by Azure Cosmos DB. You can now experience the power of Azure Cosmos DB platform as a managed service with the familiarity of your favorite Cassandra SDKs and tools—without any app code changes. Link Link Details
10/17/2017 CosmosDB Preview Features We are happy to announce the public preview of support for Cosmos DB in the Azure Storage Explorer (ASE). With this release Cosmos DB databases can be explored and managed with the same consistent user experiences that make ASE a powerful developer tool for managing Azure storage. Link Link Details
9/26/2017 CosmosDB New Features We announce the availability of a subset of Azure Cosmos DB metrics via Azure Monitor API. Now you can use tools like Grafana to access your metrics, with Operations Management Suite integration coming soon. Link Details
9/26/2017 CosmosDB New Features We are excited to announce Diagnostics Logs for data plane operations, which enable you to get a full audit of who accessed your Azure Cosmos DB collections and when Link Details
8/8/2017 CosmosDB New Features Today, we introduce the Change Feed Processor Library, which helps customers address scalability challenges while remaining simple to use and manage. Link Link Details
7/31/2017 CosmosDB New Features The Change Feed Processor Library is available as a NuGet package for .NET development. The library makes actions like these easier: Reading changes from a change feed across multiple partitions Performing computational actions triggered by the change feed in parallel Link Details
7/27/2017 CosmosDB New Features The first SOC audit for Azure Cosmos DB started in October 2016 and is now complete, achieving a SOC 1, 2, and 3 compliant status. Link Link Details
6/7/2017 CosmosDB Updated Features With the updated Spark connector for Azure Cosmos DB, Apache Spark can now interact with all Azure Cosmos DB data models: Documents, Tables, and Graphs. Link Link Details
5/17/2017 CosmosDB New Features As a part of those new capabilities, customers can now provision request unit (RU) throughput at a per minute granularity – we call it RU/m. This new option, currently in preview with a 50% discount, is very complementary with the existing request unit per second (RU/s) provisioning model. With RU/s, you get a predictable performance at the granularity of a second, but it also means that you must provision for spikes and bursty workloads to avoid throttling. Now, with RU/m, you can consume more of what you provision and save on costs. No need to provision for peak anymore! Link Link Details
5/10/2017 CosmosDB General Availability DocumentDB is now CosmosDB, a superset of the original DocDB modality which adds additional capabilities and pricing options. Azure Cosmos DB is the first globally-distributed data service that lets you to elastically scale throughput and storage across any number of geographical regions while guaranteeing low latency, high availability and consistency – backed by the most comprehensive SLAs in the industry. Azure Cosmos DB is built to power today’s IoT and mobile apps, and tomorrow’s AI-hungry future. Link Link Details

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