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6/20/2019 Site Recovery New Features When configuring automatic updates for the Azure Site Recovery Mobility service extension that runs on Azure VMs enabled for disaster recovery, you can now select an existing automation account to use, instead of using the default account created by Site Recovery. Link Link Details
6/20/2019 Site Recovery New Features Azure Site Recovery now supports enabling replication for data disks that you add to an Azure VM that's already enabled for disaster recovery. Support is available for Azure VMs with managed disks. Link Link Details
6/19/2019 Monitor Preview Features Today we are announcing the public preview of monitoring your Windows and Linux VM scale sets from within the scale set resource blade. Link Link Details
6/19/2019 Virtual Network New Features Just-in-time (JIT) virtual machine (VM) access can now be used with Azure Firewall. Link Link Details
6/19/2019 API Management Updated Features On June 19, we started a regular Azure API Management service update. The update includes the following bug fixes, changes, and new features like W3C distributed tracing format for App Insights, CORS policy to product scope and much more. Link Link Details
6/19/2019 Monitor Updated Features VM Health feature included in Azure monitor for VMs is now available for VMs that are running on Windows 2012 R2 and 2019. Additionally, VM Health feature is also available in cases where the associated workspace is in SEA (South East Asia), UKS (UK South), and CCAN (Canada Central) regions. If you observe that health information is not showing up in the UI for the VMs which were onboarded to Azure Monitor for VMs earlier despite satisfying the above criteria, please try on-boarding again from the Health tab of Azure Monitor for VMs. Link Link Details
6/19/2019 HDInsight Preview Features HDInsight for VSCode continues to boost the experience of Hive users with self-service exploratory capabilities. The HDInsight explorer in VSCode not only empowers you to browse Hive databases across HDInsight clusters, but also enables you to view Hive table schema and preview data. Link Link Details
6/19/2019 Azure Regions General Availability Today, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 are taking a major step together to help support the digital transformation of our customers. Both Azure and Office 365 are now generally available from our first cloud datacenter regions in the Middle East, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, offering the next generation of intelligent business applications and tools, are anticipated to be available from the cloud regions in UAE by the end of 2019. Link Link Details
6/19/2019 Log Analytics Updated Features We are happy to share with you the following updates to Azure Monitor Log Analytics UI: A new copy menu, a new query history, extended columns support and the ability to resize the blade. Link Link Details
6/19/2019 Express Route New Features ExpressRoute now supports up to 4 circuits from a single peering location connected to an ExpressRoute virtual network gateway, which was previously limited to a single circuit in a peering location. This is generally available in Azure Public. Link Link Details

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