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10/17/2019 Monitor Preview Features The Azure Monitor for VMs team is busy preparing for our GA release and we wanted to share some details on upcoming changes that will occur ahead of our GA announcement. With this upgrade, Azure Monitor for VMs performance datasets will be stored in the same InsightsMetrics table as Azure Monitor for containers and will make it easier for you to query the two data sets. Also, we will be able to store more diverse data sets that we could not store in the previous table we used. Our performance views will also be updated to use this new table. We have received a lot of great feedback from customers about our VM health feature set. There is a lot of interest around this feature and excitement over its potential for supporting monitoring workflows. We are planning to make a series of changes to add functionality and address the feedback we have received. To minimize impact of these changes on new customers, we are moving this feature into a limited public preview. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 IoT Central Region Update Azure IoT Central is now available in East Asia and Southeast Asia regions. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 Log Analytics Updated Features The OMS Agent for Linux October 2019 release is now available. This release contains many stability and reliability improvements. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 Stream Analytics Region Update Stream Analytics is now available in US Gov Virginia, Korea Central, France Central. Link Link Details
10/17/2019 SQL Database Preview Features To address customer security and manageability requirements, managed instance, a deployment capability of Azure SQL Database, is transitioning from a manual to service-aided subnet configuration (in preview). The preview is available in the East US and West US regions. Link Link Details
10/15/2019 Application Insights New Features The release of the Application Insights for ASP.NET Core 2.8.0 for web applications and the Application Insights for .NET Core Worker Service 2.8.0 for non-web applications delivers new value to developers including: Support for more applications types. New alertable metrics. Support for ASP.NET Core 3.0. Cross-vendor distributed tracing. Link Link Details
10/15/2019 App Services General Availability Apps hosted in App Service and Azure Functions can now simply define a reference to a secret managed in Key Vault as part of their application settings. The app’s system-assigned identity is used to securely fetch the secret and make it available to the app as an environment variable. This means that teams can just replace existing secrets stored in app settings with references to the same secret in Key Vault, and the app will continue to operate as normal. This support is moving to general availability for all hosting options where it has been in preview—App Service Plan, App Service Environment, Azure Functions Consumption Plan (Windows), and Azure Functions Premium plan. Support for Azure Functions Consumption plan for Linux is coming soon. Link Link Details
10/15/2019 Log Analytics Updated Features Updates for Service Map are coming that will change where we store some of our data in Log Analytics. These updates should be completed sometime in November, 2019. Data that has been stored in the custom log tables ServiceMapComputer_CL and ServiceMapProcess_CL will move to dedicated data types in Log Analytics. These new tables will be named VMComputer and VMProcess. This change will allow us to better prioritize how quickly we can ingest the data and will standardize the table schema across all customers. Link Link Details
10/14/2019 Data Factory New Features You now have the ability to run your Azure Machine Learning service pipelines as a step in your Azure Data Factory pipelines. This allows you to run your machine learning models with data from multiple sources (more than 85 data connectors supported in Data Factory). The seamless integration enables batch prediction scenarios such as identifying possible loan defaults, determining sentiment, and analyzing customer behavior patterns. Link Link Details
10/14/2019 Resource Graph New Features An update to Azure Resource Graph API now allows you to see further details about the changes to your Azure resources. For each change record, an overall changeType is returned indicating if the overall change to the resource was a Create, Update, or Delete action. When you set the fetchPropertyChanges flag to true in your request, the response body will contain a new section called propertyChanges that contains the list of property changes made, including the property name, the before value, the after value, and the change type for that property change (Insert, Update, or Remove). Link Link Details

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