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11/17/2018 Virtual Machines Preview Features Two new H-series (HB and HC) Azure Virtual Machines for high-performance computing (HPC) workloads are now available in preview. The HB-series VMs are optimized for HPC applications driven by memory bandwidth, such as fluid dynamics, explicit finite element analysis, and weather modeling. HC-series VMs are also now in preview.These are optimized for HPC applications driven by intensive computation, such as implicit finite element analysis, reservoir simulation, and computational chemistry. Link Link Details
10/31/2018 Virtual Machines Region Update Azure M-Series virtual machines (VMs) are now available in the East Asia regions. Link Link Details
10/31/2018 Virtual Machines Region Update Azure M-Series virtual machines (VMs) are now available in the Canada Central and Canada East regions. Link Link Details
10/30/2018 Virtual Machines New Features Azure Backup now offers an improved restore experience for Azure Virtual Machines by leveraging the power of ARM templates and Azure Managed Disks. The new restore experience directly creates managed disk(s) and virtual machine (VM) templates. This eliminates the manual process of executing scripts or PowerShell commands to convert and configure the .VHD file, and complete the restore operation. There is zero manual intervention after the restore is triggered making it truly a single-click operation for restoring IaaS VMs. Link Link Details
10/22/2018 Virtual Machines Region Update Reservations are now generally available for US government Azure customers. Reservations are available for virtual machines, SQL Server and Cosmos DB for US Government and US DoD Azure regions. Link Link Details
10/11/2018 Virtual Machines Preview Features We are releasing the public preview of the DC-series of virtual machines and open sourcing the Open Enclave SDK. Link Link Details
10/4/2018 Virtual Machines Preview Features We are delighted to share the limited preview of Ephemeral OS Disk, a new type of OS disk created directly on the host node, providing local disk performance and faster boot/reset time. Ephemeral OS Disk is supported for all virtual machines (VM) and virtual machine scale sets (VMSS). This offering is based on your feedback to provide a lower cost, higher performant OS disk for stateless applications, which enable them to quickly deploy the VMs and reset them to its original state. Link Link Details
9/26/2018 Virtual Machines Preview Feature Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Image Builder, now available in private preview, allows you to migrate your image building pipeline to Azure. Submit a template describing your VM source image and customizations, indicate where to distribute a bootable image, and then start building your VM images. Link Link Details
9/25/2018 Virtual Machines New Feature We’re constantly improving the Managed Disks platform and working to bring new features to market based on customer feedback including: Managed Disks migration in the Azure Portal OS Disk Swap for Managed Virtual Machines Another feature we're excited to announce today is the availability of moving Managed Disks and VMs across resource groups and subscriptions with a single click. This also enables you to move Managed Images and Snapshots. Link Link Details
9/17/2018 Virtual Machines General Availability The Azure virtual machine serial console is now generally available in all public regions. New features include magic SysRq keys, non-maskable interrupts, and subscription-wide enable/disable. Link Link Details

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