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8/21/2019 SQL Database New Features You can now enable trace flags in Azure SQL Database Managed Instance using DBCC TRACEON Transact-SQL statement. Link Link Details
8/21/2019 SQL Database New Features SQL data discovery and classification, which provides advanced capabilities built into Azure SQL Database for discovering, classifying, labeling, and protecting sensitive data, is now available. SQL Data Discovery and Classification is part of the unified Advanced Data Security (ADS) package, offering a set of advanced SQL security capabilities, including vulnerability assessment and advanced threat protection. Link Link Details
7/31/2019 SQL Database New Features Azure SQL Database Managed Instance along with its native virtual network connectivity is now even more secure through enclosing its management traffic within the Azure cloud. Link Link Details
6/24/2019 SQL Database General Availability Public endpoint for Azure SQL Database managed instance provides the ability to connect to Azure SQL Database managed instance from the Internet and is for data (TDS) traffic only. Public endpoint for data can simultaneously coexist with the private endpoint on managed instance. Link Link Details
6/13/2019 SQL Database New Features Four vCore Azure SQL Database managed instances are now available on Gen5 hardware for the General Purpose and Business Critical Service tiers, providing customers a cost-effective way to migrate SQL applications with lower compute and memory requirements to Azure. Link Link Details
5/23/2019 SQL Database General Availability General Availability: Time zone choice for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. Link Link Details
5/17/2019 SQL Database Preview Features Optimizing compute resource allocation to achieve performance goals while controlling costs can be a challenging balance to strike especially for database workloads with complex usage patterns. To help address these challenges, we are pleased to announce the preview of Azure SQL Database serverless. SQL Database serverless (preview) is a new compute tier that optimizes price-performance and simplifies performance management for databases with intermittent and unpredictable usage. Line-of-business applications, dev/test databases, content management and e-commerce systems are just some examples across a range of applications that often fit the usage pattern ideal for SQL Database serverless. Link Link Details
5/3/2019 SQL Database Preview Features We are excited to announce the preview of Azure SQL Database Edge, which brings to the edge the same performant, secure, and easy to manage SQL engine that our customers love in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server. This new offering also adds capabilities that are optimized for edge scenarios, including ARM support, low latency analytics, robust security capabilities and more. Link Link Details
2/26/2019 SQL Database New Features Azure SQL Database Managed Instance enables you to rename databases by using Transact-SQL language: ALTER DATABASE WWI MODIFY NAME = WideWorldImporters; Link Link Details
2/8/2019 SQL Database General Availability The Data Migration Assistant now provides generally available functionality that helps users assess the target readiness of their on-premises SQL Server instances in preparation for a migration to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. Data Migration Assistant detects compatibility and feature parity issues that can impact database functionality in target Azure SQL Database Managed Instance databases. Link Link Details

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