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12/4/2018 Power BI Embedded Preview Features Paginated reports functionality is now available in Power BI Premium, allowing you to view and interact with your pixel-perfect paginated reports right alongside your existing Power BI interactive reports in the Power BI portal. Link Link Details
11/28/2018 Power BI Embedded Updated Features This month’s update for Power BI Desktop includes several new features the Power BI community has asked for, including follow-up questions for Q&A explorer, a new modeling view making it easier to work with large models, expand and collapse matrix row headers, and copy and paste between PBIX files. Link Link Details
10/31/2018 Power BI Embedded Updated Features The latest update to the Power BI service includes the preview of petabyte-scale aggregations built on composite models. Enjoy these key benefits: Query performance over big data—As users interact with visuals on Power BI reports, DAX queries are submitted to the Power BI dataset. Boost query speeds by caching data at the aggregated level, using a fraction of the resources required at the detail level. Access big data in a way that would otherwise be impossible. Data refresh optimization—Reduce cache sizes and refresh times by caching data at the aggregated level to speed up data availability for users. Balanced architectures—Allow the Power BI in-memory cache to effectively handle aggregated queries. Limit queries sent to the data source in DirectQuery mode to stay within concurrency limits. Queries that get through tend to be filtered, transactional-level queries, which data warehouses and big-data systems normally handle well. Link Link Details
10/22/2018 Power BI Embedded New Features When you're integrating Power BI Embedded into your application, the common way to use row-level security dynamically is to configure a role on the dataset, by using Power BI Desktop, that uses the USERNAME() function to pass a parameter on the embed token. Though the field is called "username," you can pass any value on it, such as country, branch, or machine ID. The caveat was that this field, originally designed for users in Power BI, was limited to UPN values. This limited the use cases for many customers, or required adjusting the data itself in the ETL process. This limitation has been removed, so any ASCII characters can be passed in this field. There is no need to adjust the data. You can also concatenate multiple values through this field easily and by using DAX to parse and filter multiple values dynamically. Link Link Details
10/22/2018 Power BI Embedded New Features You can use the Power BI Embedded Update Datasources API to change the connection details between different data sources programmatically. When the dataset and reports are ready to go live, change the data source connection to point to the production data source (either cloud or on-premises), regardless of the previous connection type. This helps with app life-cycle management—for example, when your dev or staging environment is on-premises but your production data source is in Azure. Link Link Details
10/22/2018 Power BI Embedded Preview Features Developers can define more filters with more complex definitions and operators with new URL filtering capabilities for reports. URL filtering helps developers open pre-filtered reports without the need to use the JS API. Embed scenarios are supported by adding the query string parameters to the embed URL of the report. Link Link Details
10/17/2018 Power BI Embedded New Features Power BI has released a new capacity monitoring app that helps you make more informed and data-driven decisions when managing your Power BI Embedded capacity. Link Link Details
9/13/2018 Power BI Embedded New Feature Use the Power BI Embedded JavaScript SDK to hide the flickering Power BI logo that appears when a report is loaded. Link Link Details
9/13/2018 Power BI Embedded New Feature A new Query Processing Units (QPU) metric has been added to Azure resource monitoring in Power BI Embedded. Link Link Details
9/13/2018 Power BI Embedded New Feature Power BI Embedded integration with Azure Diagnostics logs is now available. Azure Diagnostics log events can help you dive into specific behaviors of the resource and better understand root causes for any peaks in usage or errors that occurred. Link Link Details

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