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5/15/2019 Portal Updated Features New updates to the portal are now available including but not limited to faster browsing, improved search, sign in support for GitHub accounts, and more. Link Link Details
4/2/2019 Portal Updated Features Here’s the list of April updates to the Azure portal: IaaS Improved creation experience for Azure Managed Disks Use of non-ASCII characters for virtual machine names Azure Data Explorer New full-screen Create Cluster experience Security Center Public preview: Adaptive network hardening Adaptive application control updates Support for virtual network peering Secure score impact changes Azure Site Recovery Replication to managed disks Role-Based Access Control New classic administrators tab Support Updated support request experience Link Link Details
2/28/2019 Portal New Features A new video weekly series highlights specific aspects of the Azure portal so you can be more efficient and productive while deploying your cloud workloads from the portal. Link Link Details
2/8/2019 Portal Updated Features The following updates were made to the Azure portal for February 2019: IAAS / Compute Add a new VM directly to an Application Gateway or Load Balancer Migrate Classic VMs to Azure Resource Manager VMSS Password Reset Shell/Resource Essentials Export as CSV in All resources and Resource group Layout Change for Essential Properties on Overview Pages Site Recovery Azure Site Recovery UI updates Other Updates to Microsoft Intune Link Link Details
1/18/2019 Portal Updated Features The following updates were made to the Azure portal in January 2019: Landing page New Azure portal home page Dashboard Shared time range for tiles on dashboards Azure Container Instances New start functionality Link Link Details
12/7/2018 Portal Updated Features Several updates to Portal were announced this month including an updated experience for VM creation and management, Azure Site Recovery and IAM blade refreshes and more. Link Link Details
11/7/2018 Portal Updated Features November Portal updates have been rolled out. These include account switching in GA, new Marketplace filters, additional recovery services dashboards, new SQL DW overview blade and more. Link Link Details
10/23/2018 Portal New Features The following updates were made to the Azure portal in October 2018: Portal shell and UI User experience refresh Account, subscription, and directory management improvements Quickstart Center Microsoft-recommended best practices to set up your Azure environment Compute, networking, and storage Blades for virtual machine and storage account creation now in full screen UI updates for virtual machine scale sets Azure Advisor notifications and other integrated experiences in Azure Virtual Machines Azure Service Fabric Mesh new portal experience Desired State Configuration on the Virtual Machine blade Virtual WAN portal experience Azure Application Gateway Web Application Firewall UI updates Management tools Activity Log UI improvements Managed Applications UI updates for Service Catalog Managed Applications new default overview and monitoring support Azure Automation with support for Python 2 runbooks Databases Azure SQL Database sign-in experience with improved visibility for the query editor Azure SQL Data Warehouse maintenance window configuration Link Link Details
10/12/2018 Portal New Features A variety of Azure Portal updates were made available today. Link Link Details
8/30/2018 Portal Updated Feature The Virtual Network blade in the Azure portal has been enhanced to troubleshoot connectivity and performance issues or continually monitor your network endpoints from virtual machines (VMs) in a virtual network. You can: Check for connectivity between source (VM) and destination (VM, URI, FQDN, IP address). Identify configuration issues that are affecting reachability. Provide hop-by-hop paths from source to destination; hop-by-hop latency; minimum, maximum, and average latency between source and destination; and a topology (graphical) view from source to destination. Link Link Details

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