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4/22/2019 Monitor General Availability New Azure Monitor alerts experience is now available in Azure Government. The new alerts experience in Azure Monitor brings together the configuration and consumption of all the different alerts in a single place. As part of this update, multi-dimensional metric alerts are also available in Azure Government. Link Link Details
4/22/2019 Monitor Region Update Azure Monitor for containers is now available in Azure China. Azure Monitor for containers provides end to end Kubernetes monitoring for AKS from infrastructure to the workloads. Link Link Details
4/2/2019 Monitor Updated Features oday, we are releasing a new common alert schema that provides a single extensible format for all alert types. What’s the common alert schema? With the common alert schema, all alert payloads generated by Azure Monitor will have a consistent structure. Any alert instance describes the resource that was affected and the cause of the alert, and these are described in the common schema in the following sections: Essentials: A set of standardized fields which are common across all alert types. It describes what resource the alert is on, along with additional common alert metadata such as severity or description. Alert context: A set of fields which describe the cause of the alert details that vary based on the alert type. For example, a metric alert would have fields like the metric name and metric value in the alert context, whereas an activity log alert would have information about the event that generated the alert. Link Link Details
3/29/2019 Monitor Retiring Features As communicated earlier, classic alerts and related APIs for Azure Monitor will retire on June 30, 2019. We have enabled a tool on your subscription that you can use to automatically migrate your existing classic alert rules to the new platform. If you don't use the tool, Microsoft will automatically trigger the tool to migrate your classic alert rules starting in July 2019. Link Link Details
3/28/2019 Monitor New Features Azure Monitor for virtual machines (VMs) collects network connection data that you can use to analyze the dependencies and network traffic of your VMs. You can analyze the number of live and failed connections, bytes sent and received, and the connection dependencies of your VMs down to the process level. If malicious connections are detected it will include information about those IP addresses and threat level. The newly released VMBoundPort data set enables analysis of open ports and their connections for security analysis. Link Link Details
3/21/2019 Monitor Updated Features At the end of this month we are deploying some major changes to this service, these changes will improve performance and reliability, as well as allow us to make more improvements to the service in the future. These include reliability improvements, a new UI, changes in the IP addresses used for testing, and some regional updates. Link Link Details
3/15/2019 Monitor Region Update The Service Map feature of Azure Monitor is now available in Central Canada and UK South. Across the world, it's available in six public regions. Link Link Details
3/15/2019 Monitor Updated Features Based on customer feedback, on April 1, 2019, we’re changing the default roles that receive email notifications from Azure Monitor Application Insights Smart Detection. This feature proactively analyzes the telemetry sent by your application and notifies you if it finds abnormal patterns or issues. Currently, Smart Detection sends email notifications by default to the Subscription Owner, Subscription Contributor, and Subscription Reader roles. These roles often include users who are not actively involved in monitoring, which causes many of these users to receive notifications unnecessarily. To improve this experience, we're making a change so that email notifications go to only the Monitoring Reader and Monitoring Contributor roles by default. Link Link Details
3/7/2019 Monitor Region Update Azure Monitor for VMs (preview) is now available in Central Canada and UK South. Around the world, it's available in six public regions. Link Link Details
3/7/2019 Monitor New Features There are two new capabilities with Azure Monitor metric alerts: Multi-resource metric alerts allow you to create a single metric alert rule that will be applicable for multiple virtual machines. For example, create a single alert for all virtual machines in a resource group. Dynamic thresholds uses machine learning capabilities to decide the right thresholds for your alerts automatically, so you don’t need to guess the thresholds anymore. Dynamic thresholds even takes into account seasonality at an hourly, daily, and weekly level. Dynamic thresholds is available in preview. Link Link Details

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