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8/13/2019 Monitor New Features Two new scripts are available now in PowerShell Gallery to streamline the query and collection of logs into Azure Monitor Logs: Invoke-AzOperationalInsightsQueryExport - streamline querying Azure Monitor Logs and export of its results to file. Upload-AzMonitorLog - Upload the result of every PowerShell command to Azure Monitor Logs as custom log using Azure Monitor Data Collector API. It allows easy upload of files, process list or any other piece of information that PowerShell can collect. Link Link Details
7/9/2019 Monitor Preview Features In Azure Monitor, defining what to monitor while configuring alerts can be challenging. Customers need to be capable of defining when actions and notifications should trigger for their alerts, and more importantly, when they shouldn’t. The action rules feature for Azure Monitor, available in preview, allows you to define actions for your alerts at scale, and allows you to suppress alerts for scenarios such as maintenance windows. Link Link Details
6/19/2019 Monitor Updated Features VM Health feature included in Azure monitor for VMs is now available for VMs that are running on Windows 2012 R2 and 2019. Additionally, VM Health feature is also available in cases where the associated workspace is in SEA (South East Asia), UKS (UK South), and CCAN (Canada Central) regions. If you observe that health information is not showing up in the UI for the VMs which were onboarded to Azure Monitor for VMs earlier despite satisfying the above criteria, please try on-boarding again from the Health tab of Azure Monitor for VMs. Link Link Details
6/10/2019 Monitor Region Update Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in West US 2. Around the world, it's available in seven public regions. Link Link Details
6/10/2019 Monitor New Features The VMBoundPort data set is now available for Azure Monitor for VMs customers in all supported Log Analytics workspace regions, including East US and West Europe. Link Link Details
5/7/2019 Monitor Updated Features Workbooks are now first-class citizen for Azure Monitor and available in the main menu. Use the sample templates to customize interactive reports or troubleshooting guides with rich text, analytics queries, metrics, and various parameters across your apps and infrastructure resources! New templates also available supporting Azure Monitor for VMs to monitor open ports and their connections. Link Link Details
5/7/2019 Monitor Preview Features Improved codeless instrumentation experience for ASP.NET apps on IIS with the preview of Status Monitor v2. This enables clean redeployments, the latest SDKs, support for TLS 1.2, offline install support, and more! Link Link Details
5/7/2019 Monitor Preview Features Preview of Azure Monitor application change analysis, providing a centralized view and analysis of changes at different layers of a web app. The first iteration of this feature is now available in the App Services Diagnose and Solve Problems experience. Link Link Details
5/7/2019 Monitor General Availability Metric Alerts with Dynamic Thresholds, now generally available, enables Azure Monitor to determine the right thresholds for alert rules. Multi-resource alerts makes it easy to create a single alert rule and apply across multiple VMs. Link Link Details
5/7/2019 Monitor New Features Today, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) customers rely on Azure Monitor for containers to get out of the box monitoring for the AKS clusters. Kubernetes event logs are now available in real-time in addition to live container logs. You can now filter the charts and metrics for specific AKS node pools and see Node Storage Capacity metrics when you drill down into node details. Link Link Details

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