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12/4/2018 Maps New Features With this release we added a new night road map style. It is similar to the grayscale_dark map style but has colorful roads and icons. Link Details
12/4/2018 Maps New Features With this release we have created TypeScript definitions which provide intellisense and richer error catching functionality to your development environment. If you haven’t used TypeScript before we highly recommend you give it a try as it fills a lot of gaps that many wished JavaScript supported and makes development easier. In fact, we wrote the Azure Maps Web SDK using TypeScript. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 Maps New Features In addition to rendering point data using the Symbol, Bubble, and Heat Map layers, they can also be rendered as HTML elements on the map. The default style of the HtmlMarker class is a scalable vector graphics (SVG) template which has a color and text placeholder. Simply set the color and text properties in the HtmlMarker options. The following code sets the color of the HtmlMarker to dodger blue and sets the text size to “10.” Link Details
12/4/2018 Maps New Features With this release we have updated the traffic flow overlay in the Web SDK from the static image tiles to the recently released vector traffic tiles. Vector tiles have a smaller file size, thus reducing bandwidth usage and loading faster, they also get rendered in the client browser which provides a richer user experience and more options for styling. Link Details
12/4/2018 Maps New Features Overlay georeferenced images on top of the map so that they move and scale as you pan and zoom the map. This is great for building floor plans, overlaying old maps, or imagery from a drone. With the new image layer you can easily overlay georeferenced images on the map. To overlay an image on the map, simply pass in a URL and the coordinates for the four corners of the image. Link Details
12/4/2018 Maps Updated Features Also available now is the Fall 2018 update of the Azure Maps Web SDK and the many great new features and improvements it contains. Some of the key improvements added to this update include: New heat map and image overlay layers Vector traffic tile integration HTML Marker Templates NPM Package and Typescript Definitions New Night map style New Heat map Layer Link Link Details
12/4/2018 Maps Pricing Update Today, we’re announcing the S1 pricing tier. The S1 pricing tier offers enterprise scale and advanced geospatial functionality to support mission-critical applications. In the year since we launched, Azure customers have integrated Azure Maps and its portfolio of world-class location-intelligence services into their applications. As customers move from proof of concept to large-scale deployments, our team has received strong feedback for enterprise-level scale and advanced geospatial functionality. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Maps Updated Feature Azure Maps is a portfolio of geospatial APIs that allows developers to build solutions with up-to-date geocoding, routing, IP geolocation, and other location-based services. An improved Map Control API with new features designed to enable intuitive and insightful data layering and visualizations is now available. We're introducing layers for different forms for different entities, such as tiles, symbols, polygons, and lines, supporting HTML-based icons on the map, and introducing functions to enable data-driven styling. We're also launching a spatial math library, equipped with commonly used geographic geometry calculations for easy access for developers. Link Link Details
7/17/2018 Maps New Feature These new features are available for Azure Maps customers: IP to Country: This new service enables developers to query for a country based on a specific IP number. It's ideal for capturing the geographic spread of a customer base, or customizing services and content based on customer location. A single IP-to-country transaction is defined as one API call, and is billed at $0.25 per 1,000 transactions. Map control modules—Services and Controls: The Services module enables developers to more easily access the services via an extension module. The Controls module provides optional pan and zoom controls, with a scale to understand ground lengths across the map. Satellite/hybrid vector map tiles: Satellite and aerial photography are now available as layers in the map control. Satellite imagery provides strictly satellite images of the Earth, whereas hybrid imagery provides satellite images with overlaid layers for roads and labels. Grayscale maps: A dark-gray map style is for users who want to have a darker scale representation of a map. Link Link Details
7/17/2018 Maps New Feature The following advanced features and batch services are available for Azure Maps. They support the needs of large-scale enterprises with high volumes of concurrent users and mission-critical applications, along with users who need advanced functionality. Batch Search Service, Batch Geocoding Service: Batch operations for large search query sets. Return Polygons for Area feature: The ability to fetch a polygon that corresponds to an administrative boundary for a geographic entity. Batch Routing Service: Batch operations for large routing query sets. Matrix Routing Service: Many-to-many batch operations for large routing query sets. Route Range: Isochrone service that calculates range of distance based on area, time, and energy. Link Link Details

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