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9/10/2019 Logic Apps Updated Features Added support for secure inputs and outputs through obfuscation. For Integration Service Environment, we have released DEV SKU and added: Support for inline code. Support for internal access endpoint. Fixed IP addresses for the connector deployment endpoint. Azure on-premises data gateway can now be used across subscriptions when creating connections to your on-premises applications such as SAP/SQL. Trigger condition can now be provided in designer through action menu. Show request history panel for cancelled Webhook actions. Designer support for portal themes. Updates to SAP connector include support added for: Explicit IDOC confirmation. BAPI commit. Call one or more BAPIs in a stateful session. Published guidance and template to receive and process packets of IDOC. Announced deprecation dates for SAP older connectors (SAP Application Server and SAP Message Server). The connectors are scheduled to retire on November 30, 2019. Link Link Details
7/25/2019 Logic Apps Pricing Update A developer pricing tier that allows customers to deploy an integration service environment (ISE) at a reduced cost is now generally available. The new tier is perfect for those interested in configuring an ISE at a reduced cost, prior to moving to a production tier. Additionally, this tier is a great way to get hands-on learning about ISEs, to test out the various features and functionalities available, or to deploy multiple ISEs at a reduced cost. Link Link Details
7/3/2019 Monitor New Features Many Azure services have recently added a new option to search logs by embedding the Logs search in the resource menu: Resource Groups Application Gateway Virtual Network Gateway Network Security Group Virtual Networks Public IP Address Logic Apps CosmosDB Load Balancers Automation Service Bus Traffic Manager Profiles Azure Firewalls Express Route Circuits Search Services Front Doors Link Link Details
5/29/2019 Logic Apps General Availability Integration Service Environments (ISE) are now GA. The GA release also include a variety of new features. Link Link Details
5/7/2019 Logic Apps General Availability Today, the Logic Apps connector for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA is generally available for all customers. Azure Logic Apps is an integration platform-as-a-service offering connectors to 250+ applications and SaaS services. With this, customers can dramatically reduce time to market for integrations between SAP and best-in-class SaaS applications. Link Link Details
5/6/2019 Logic Apps Preview Features At Microsoft, we recognized that while using Azure Logic Apps to build enterprise integration solutions to connect various systems and services together, developers often desire to write some code to process the data and make it ready to be consumed by downstream systems. Committed to meet customers where they are, the new Inline code feature enables developers to write and execute simple ECMAScript (also known as JavaScript) right from within Logic Apps. Link Link Details
5/6/2019 Logic Apps Preview Features Logic Apps provides the ability to send and receive RosettaNet based messages through RosettaNet connector, which supports the operations to decode or receive and encode or send messages.  These messages include both action and signal or acknowledgement messages. The connector handles generation of Notification of Failure based on the PIP configurations. Link Link Details
4/19/2019 App Services New Features Design and deploy your logic apps from within Visual Studio using the Visual Studio tools for Azure Logic Apps. The designer integrates with the current Azure Resource Group project so you can seamlessly work with resource deployments that include Logic Apps. Link Link Details
4/11/2019 App Services Region Update Logic Apps is now available in the US Gov Virginia region. Link Link Details
3/7/2019 App Services Preview Features Azure Logic Apps with the new 3270 connector allows enterprise developers to build modern applications that automate end user task flows based on legacy IBM mainframe 3270 programs, and to deliver robotic process automation (RPA) and other integration capabilities. Link Link Details

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