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3/18/2019 Log Analytics Region Update Azure Log Analytics is available for preview in three new regions: France Central, Korea Central, and North Europe. Link Link Details
3/15/2019 Log Analytics Region Update Azure Log Analytics is now General Available in Australia East and in Australia Central. Link Link Details
3/7/2019 Log Analytics Region Update Azure Monitor Log Analytics is now available in Azure China. Azure Monitor is a fully managed monitoring service that collects and analyzes telemetry from your Azure and on-premises resources and applications allowing you to maximize their performance. Link Link Details
2/4/2019 Log Analytics Region Update Azure Log Analytics is now available in the West US 2 region. Azure Log Analytics is part of the Azure Monitor service. It's used to collect telemetry from a variety of sources worldwide. This update enables workspaces to be created in the West US 2 region, to retain and process data in that region. Link Link Details
1/29/2019 Log Analytics Updated Features The 2019 Log Analytics updates are rolling out. These include a renamed portal blade, protection from losing queries on page refreshes, schema updates and more. Link Link Details
1/2/2019 Log Analytics Updated Features Until now, clicking charts and tables in Log Analytics solutions and views has opened the classic log search page. Starting in early January, solutions and views will open the new Logs UX instead, offering an improved query editor and a full schema view. Link Link Details
12/20/2018 Log Analytics Region Update Azure Log Analytics is part of Azure Monitor. It collects telemetry from a variety of sources and uses the query language from Data Explorer to retrieve and analyze data. Log Analytics is now available and can be built in West US 2. Link Link Details
10/3/2018 Log Analytics Documentation Update The language documentation site of Azure Log Analytics and Application Insights has been merged into the standard Log Analytics documentation. Link Link Details
8/30/2018 Log Analytics Updated Feature The Analytics portal in Azure Application Insights and the Advanced Analytics portal in Azure Log Analytics are now part of the Azure portal. The new log experience in the Azure portal enables: Multiple tabs—use as many tabs as you want to run multiple queries. Rich visualizations—choose from a variety of charting options. Improved IntelliSense and language auto-completion. Syntax highlighting—read queries more easily. Column selection—select the columns of the results table, and their order. Query explorer—access your saved queries and functions within the editor. Schema view—review the full schema of your data. Share—create links to queries, or pin queries to any shared Azure dashboard. The new experience is already available in the Azure portal as Logs (preview) under Log Analytics and as Analytics under Application Insights. The current experience will continue to be available as Logs in Log Analytics. The external Analytics portal remains up and running, for those who prefer to keep using it outside the Azure portal. Link Link Details
8/3/2018 Log Analytics Updated Feature An updated connector for System Center Operations Manager for Log Analytics is now available. This update provides support for new APIs. Link Link Details

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