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8/7/2019 Lab Services New Features DevTest Labs now enables you to create virtual machines from a previous version within a shared image gallery. This enables you to revert back to an earlier version of the image in case the latest one has errors and doesn’t work as expected. This feature is only applicable for images within a shared image gallery that has more than one image version. Link Link Details
7/25/2019 Lab Services New Features Azure Lab Services now has a new instance size available—Medium (nested virtualization)that’s priced at USD0.55 per hour across all regions (55 lab units per hour). This new medium size can be used when each student needs multiple virtual machines, hosting relational databases, or running analytics. Link Link Details
7/25/2019 Lab Services Retiring Features Azure Lab Services has removed the unlimited option from quota per user so lab owners can intentionally choose a specific number of hours needed for each lab to help save costs. Link Link Details
7/25/2019 Lab Services New Features Azure Lab Services now supports the ability to reset passwords. This is a configurable option during lab creation where the lab owner can enable or disable the "Use same password for all virtual machines" setting. Link Link Details
7/16/2019 Lab Services New Features Use Azure DevTest Labs to configure a remote desktop gateway for your lab to ensure secure access to the virtual machines (VMs) without having to expose the RDP port. This approach is more secure because the user authenticates directly to the gateway machine or can use company credentials on a domain-joined gateway machine to connect to their machines. The lab also supports using token authentication to the gateway machine allowing users to connect to their lab virtual machines without having the RDP port exposed to the internet. Link Link Details
6/13/2019 Lab Services New Features You can now make use of Az.DevTestLabs, a PowerShell module to simplify the management of Azure DevTest Labs. It provides composable functions to create, query, update and delete labs, virtual machines, custom images and environments. Link Link Details
6/4/2019 Lab Services New Features DevTest Labs now supports the Shared Image Gallery feature. It enables lab users to access images from a shared location while creating lab resources. It also helps you build structure and organization around your custom-managed VM images. Link Link Details
5/15/2019 Lab Services New Features We are excited to announce that Reserved instances discounts are now available for VMs and Azure SQL Database instances created in your Dev/Test offer subscriptions. Link Link Details
5/8/2019 Lab Services Updated Features In Azure Lab Services, we added the ability to provide address range of virtual machines for the labs. This is useful for scenarios where licensing servers for an application on the lab virtual machines only accept a specific range of IP addresses. Link Link Details
5/1/2019 Trust Center New Features Microsoft now has 67 services covered by the FedRAMP High Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO) for Azure Government in the continental United States. New are Security Center, Advisor, DB for Mysql/Postgres, File Sync, Lab Services, Migrate, Policy, Flow, PowerApps. Link Link Details

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