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8/22/2019 IoT Central Preview Features Today we are announcing that IoT Plug and Play is now available in preview! With today’s announcement, solution developers can start using Azure IoT Central or Azure IoT Hub to build solutions that integrate seamlessly with IoT devices enabled with IoT Plug and Play. We have also launched a new Azure Certified for IoT portal, for device partners interested to streamline the device certification submission process and get devices into the Azure IoT device catalog quickly. Link Link Details
8/5/2019 IoT Hub New Features The Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service June 2019 release is available. The focus is on a broader enhancement of the provisioning experience and reducing limitations. These new features include Support transferring additional data between device and DPS, symmetric key support for IOT Edge, and relaxing registration ID. Link Link Details
5/30/2019 IoT Hub New Features We just released a new capability that enables enriching messages that are egressed from Azure IoT Hub to other services. Azure IoT Hub provides an out-of-the-box capability to automatically deliver messages to different services and is built to handle billions of messages from your IoT devices. Messages carry important information that enable various workflows throughout the IoT solution. Message enrichments simplifies post-processing of your data and can reduce costs of calling device twin APIs for information. This capability allows you to stamp information on your messages, such as details from your device twin, your IoT Hub name or any static property you want to add. Link Link Details
5/29/2019 IoT Hub Preview Features One of the biggest features we have been asked for since launching the Azure IoT Hub integration with Event Grid is device telemetry events. Today, we’re finally enabling that feature in public preview. Link Link Details
5/8/2019 IoT Hub General Availability Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of SAP Leonardo IoT integration with Azure IoT Hub. Link Link Details
2/21/2019 IoT Hub Preview Features Today, we're announcing distributed tracing support for IoT Hub, in public preview. Link Link Details
2/11/2019 IoT Hub New Features Today, we are happy to share that Azure IoT Hub Java SDK will officially support the Android Things platform. This announcement showcases our commitment to enable greater choice and flexibility in IoT deployments. Developers can leverage the benefits of the Android Things operating system on the device side, while using Azure IoT Hub as the central message hub that scales to millions of simultaneously connected devices. Link Link Details
1/24/2019 IoT Hub Preview Features Azure IoT Hub device streams is a new PaaS service that addresses these needs by providing a foundation for secure end-to-end connectivity to IoT devices. Customers, partners, application developers, and third-party platform providers can leverage device streams to communicate securely with IoT devices that reside behind firewalls or are deployed inside of private networks. Furthermore, built-in compatibility with the TCP/IP stack makes device streams applicable to a wide range of applications involving both custom proprietary protocols as well standards-based protocols such as remote shell, web, file transfer and video streaming, among others. Link Link Details
1/21/2019 IoT Hub New Features We are happy to share that you can now export data to Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus in near real-time from your Azure IoT Central app! Previously, Continuous Data Export enabled exporting your IoT Central measurements, devices, and device templates data to your Azure Blob Storage account once every minute for cold path storage and analytics. Now you can export this data in near real-time to your Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus instances for analytics and monitoring. Link Link Details
1/12/2019 IoT Hub General Availability We’re ringing in 2019 by announcing the general availability for the Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service features we first released back in September 2018! The following features are all generally available to you today: Symmetric key attestation support Re-provisioning support Enrollment-level allocation rules Custom allocation logic All features are available in all provisioning service regions, through the Azure portal, and the SDKs will support these new features by the end of January 2019 (with the exception of the Python SDK). Link Link Details

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