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4/3/2019 Security Center Preview Features Azure Security Center for IoT in public preview. With Azure Security Center for IoT, you can find missing security configurations across IOT devices, the edge and cloud. For example, you can check which ports are open on your IOT devices, confirm that your SQL database is encrypted and act to remediate any issues. Link Link Details
4/2/2019 Stream Analytics Updated Features Today, we are excited to announce several enhancements to geospatial features. These features will help customers manage a much larger set of mobile assets and vehicle fleet easily, accurately, and more contextually than previously possible. These capabilities are available both in the cloud and on Azure IoT edge. They include geospatial indexing, WKT format support and geometry based calculations. Link Link Details
2/13/2019 IoT Edge Security Update Microsoft has built a new version of the Moby container runtime (v3.0.4) that includes the Open Container Initiative (OCI) update to address this vulnerability. We highly recommend that you update the container runtime on your IoT Edge device. Link Link Details
2/11/2019 IoT Edge New Features Today, we’re excited to offer the open-source Azure IoT Edge runtime preinstalled on Ubuntu virtual machines to make it even easier to get started, simulate an edge device, and scale out your automated testing. Link Link Details
2/8/2019 IoT Edge New Features Today we’re announcing that Azure IoT Edge runs in a virtual machine (VM). Link Link Details
12/20/2018 IoT Edge Updated Features The 1.0.5 update of Azure IoT Edge has been released and includes large stability improvements, support for Win64 and more. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 DevOps New Features Today we have added support in the Azure portal for Azure IoT Edge in the Azure DevOps project workflow to make it easy to get started in those scenarios. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 IoT Edge Preview Features We are thrilled to announce the latest update to Azure IoT Device Simulation. This latest release highlights our continued investment in the vital IoT simulation space and is available now. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 IoT Edge New Features The Azure IoT Remote Monitoring solution accelerator now supports the ability to add actions to your rules that get triggered during an alarm. For example, adding an email action to a rule helps to ensure that you will never miss an alert again. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 IoT Edge Updated Features With the integration of automatic device management into Azure IoT Remote Monitoring, Contoso operators can create, deploy, and manage automatic device configurations, ensuring that their devices always have the correct set of properties. Link Link Details

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