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9/12/2019 Express Route New Features The following new ExpressRoute meet-me sites are now live.CopenhagenStockholmMunich Link Link Details
9/10/2019 Express Route New Features Microsoft cloud services can be accessed with Azure ExpressRoute using satellite connectivity. With commercial satellite constellations becoming widely available, new solutions architectures offer improved and affordable performance to access Microsoft. Link Link Details
7/3/2019 Monitor New Features Many Azure services have recently added a new option to search logs by embedding the Logs search in the resource menu: Resource Groups Application Gateway Virtual Network Gateway Network Security Group Virtual Networks Public IP Address Logic Apps CosmosDB Load Balancers Automation Service Bus Traffic Manager Profiles Azure Firewalls Express Route Circuits Search Services Front Doors Link Link Details
6/19/2019 Express Route New Features ExpressRoute now supports up to 4 circuits from a single peering location connected to an ExpressRoute virtual network gateway, which was previously limited to a single circuit in a peering location. This is generally available in Azure Public. Link Link Details
5/6/2019 Virtual Network Region Update Express Route is now available in 8 new locations: Amsterdam2, Frankfurt, London2, Perth, Silicon Valley2, Taipei, Washington DC2, Zurich. Link Link Details
4/19/2019 Express Route New Features Connect your on-premises networks via the ExpressRoute service through the Microsoft global network by using Azure ExpressRoute Global Reach. For example, if you have a private data center in California connected to ExpressRoute in Silicon Valley, and another private data center in Texas connected to ExpressRoute in Dallas, with ExpressRoute Global Reach, they can connect their private data centers together through the two ExpressRoute connections and their cross data center traffic will traverse through the Microsoft network backbone. Link Link Details
4/19/2019 Express Route New Features With ExpressRoute Direct, take advantage of the functionality of ExpressRoute and connect directly to the global Microsoft backbone at 100 Gbps. This enables customers who have scenarios such as massive data ingestion to storage, physical isolation, dedicated capacity, and burst capacity to use Microsoft’s global backbone to access Azure regions at tremendous scale. Link Link Details
2/26/2019 Container Registry Preview Features Firewall rules and Virtual Network support in Azure Container Registry are now available in preview. Limit registry access to your resources in Azure, or specific on-premises resources, including Express Route connected devices. Virtual Network access is provided through the Azure Container Registry premium tier. General availability pricing will be announced at a later date. Link Link Details
5/2/2018 Express Route Preview Feature We are excited to announce the public preview of Network Performance Monitor’s (NPM) new capability to monitor Microsoft peering in ExpressRoute. This complements NPM’s generally available capability to monitor ExpressRoute’s Azure Private peering. Link Link Details
4/3/2018 Express Route Updated Features Microsoft peering with route filters is now available for Azure ExpressRoute Standard SKU. You can access Azure PaaS services, such as Azure SQL Database and Azure Storage, that are offered on a public IP address within the geopolitical zone of your ExpressRoute circuit. See more information about geopolitical zones. Link Link Details

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