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8/13/2019 Event Grid New Features Today we’re excited to announce the new Azure SignalR Service feature that enables the service to publish client events to Event Grid so that SignalR applications can subscribe and respond to these events. Link Link Details
6/26/2019 Event Grid Preview Features Azure Event Grid provides reliable event delivery at massive scale. Event Grid integration brings change notifications for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. Individual changes to files and folders are automatically captured and made available to data engineers for the creation of Big Data Analytics platforms that can use Lambda architectures. Link Link Details
5/29/2019 Event Grid General Availability Advanced filters used to route messages in Event Grid are now generally available, with no restriction on the number of nested objects in your JSON, expanding the granularity in which customers can perform filtering of their events before passing it to compute services for processing. This means you can now filter on data.key1.key2.key3…keyN. Link Link Details
5/29/2019 IoT Hub Preview Features One of the biggest features we have been asked for since launching the Azure IoT Hub integration with Event Grid is device telemetry events. Today, we’re finally enabling that feature in public preview. Link Link Details
5/29/2019 Event Grid Preview Features Event Grid now supports events of up to 1MB in size. There are no configuration changes required, and this will work on existing event subscriptions. To try it out, just push larger events. Everything under 64 KB will be still be covered by our GA SLA. Link Link Details
5/29/2019 Event Grid Preview Features Event Grid can now publish events directly to Service Bus queues in any tier. This feature is currently in public preview and does not work with Service Bus Topics and Sessions. Link Link Details
5/29/2019 Event Grid New Features Event Grid now has built-in automatic geo disaster recovery (GeoDR) of metadata, applicable to all existing Domains, Topics and Event Subscriptions, not just for new ones. Link Link Details
5/29/2019 Event Grid General Availability Event Domains is now available for use in production scenarios. This feature on Azure Event Grid allows you to centralize the events delivery management for multi-tenant applications (for example, a SaaS solution), having hundreds of thousands of topics in a single domain with a single publish endpoint. Link Link Details
2/25/2019 Event Grid General Availability The following set of features, previously in preview, are now generally available: Retry policies Dead lettering Storage queues as a destination Hybrid connections as a destination Manual validation handshake Link Link Details
2/25/2019 Event Grid New Features Azure Maps now integrates with Azure Event Grid so you can respond to geofence events to send event notifications to other services and trigger downstream processes. With this integration, you can react to events when an asset enters a geofence, exits a geofence, or when a geofencing query returns a result. Link Link Details

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