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9/6/2019 DevOps Updated Features In the sprint 157 update of Azure DevOps, we added rollup columns to backlogs that let you track progress across work item hierarchies (for example, epics/features/user stories). We also added multiple improvements for deploying Azure App Service apps. Link Link Details
7/25/2019 DevOps Preview Features Azure Artifacts, part of Azure DevOps, offers the ability to host and share Maven, npm, NuGet, and Python package feeds within your organization. Over time, one of the most consistent requests we’ve heard from our users was for the ability to share packages from Azure Artifacts with users outside of your Azure DevOps organization. As anticipated during Microsoft Build 2019, today I’m excited to announce the public preview of public feeds in Azure Artifacts. Link Link Details
7/23/2019 DevOps New Features Today we’re announcing the next step in the journey of making Azure DevOps and GitHub work great together. If you are an admin, sign into Azure DevOps with your GitHub identity, and you can now invite your GitHub team members. You can search and invite them from the Project homepage. Link Link Details
7/22/2019 DevOps Updated Features Spring 154 of Azure DevOps has landed and includes support for instant search of work items, live updates and a view parent work item as a column. Link Link Details
7/5/2019 DevOps New Features n the Sprint 154 Update of Azure DevOps, we are releasing the Azure Pipelines for Jira app to the Atlassian marketplace. The integration adds links to Jira issues as work items deployed with the releases and allows you to view deployment details directly in Jira issues. We also made improvements to make it easier for you to search and track work items. The search box now supports instant search for work items and list of recent work items. In addition, Wiki now lets you create live documents by allowing you to create and track work items using wiki content. Link Link Details
6/27/2019 DevOps Updated Features The newest sprint for DevOps includes support for queries with tree of work items, a top publisher certification program and the ability to view GitHub activity on the Kanban board. Link Link Details
6/26/2019 DevOps Preview Features We’re excited to announce that Auditing for Azure DevOps is now available for all organizations as a Public Preview! As Azure DevOps keeps growing and is adopted by enterprises, our customers have been demanding for the ability to monitor activities and changes throughout their organizations. Link Link Details
6/21/2019 DevOps Updated Features In the Sprint 153 Update of Azure DevOps, we continue to enhance the Azure Boards integration with GitHub. Now you can get information about your linked GitHub commits, pull requests and issues from your Kanban board. This information will give you a quick sense of where an item is and allow you to directly navigate to the GitHub commit, pull request, or issue for more details. Link Link Details
6/3/2019 DevOps Updated Features Azure DevOps is currently investing in enhancing its routing structure. This change is designed to increase service availability and decrease service latency for many users. As a result of this enhancement, our IP address space will be changing. If you’re currently using firewall rules to allow traffic to Azure DevOps, please be sure to update these rules to account for our new IP ranges. These IP address changes go into full effect 6/28/2019. Link Link Details
5/23/2019 DevOps Updated Features In the Sprint 152 Update of Azure DevOps, we added the option to filter pull requests by target branch, several new command line commands and an extensibility point to allow extensions to add syntax highlighting and autocomplete to the file explorer and pull request views. Other changes and updates can be found in the context link. Link Link Details

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