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12/4/2018 DevOps New Features In the Sprint 144 Update of Azure DevOps, we continue to expand the integration with GitHub. Now you can link GitHub commits and pull requests to Azure Boards work items. By connecting GitHub and Azure Boards, you can get rich project management capabilities with access to features like backlogs, boards, sprint planning tools, and multiple work item types. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 CosmosDB New Features Azure Cosmos DB is introducing a new built-in RBAC (Role Based Access Control) role, “Azure Cosmos DB Operator”. This role is designed to allow users to have specific rights to provision and manage Azure Cosmos DB resources without providing access to the data within the account. Specific actions include: create new Azure Cosmos DB accounts, manage Azure Cosmos DB accounts, change offers, create and manage alerts, get health status for resources and other DevOps or management functions. To see all permissions for this role and learn more about RBAC in Azure read our Built-in roles for Azure resources documentation. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 DevOps New Features ServiceNow and Azure Pipelines work together with the new ServiceNow Change Management extensions. Every time you need to update production, you can automate the deployment process using Azure Pipelines, and use ServiceNow Change Management for risk assessment, scheduling, approvals, and oversight. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 DevOps New Features Today we have added support in the Azure portal for Azure IoT Edge in the Azure DevOps project workflow to make it easy to get started in those scenarios. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 DevOps New Features GitHub Releases are a great way to package software and ship it to end users – and they are heavily used by open source projects. We are excited to announce that you can now seamlessly manage GitHub Releases using Azure Pipelines. You can create new releases, modify drafts, or discard older ones. The new GitHub Releases task supports all the commonly performed actions like attaching binary files, publishing draft releases, and marking a releases as pre-release. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 DevOps New Features Azure Pipelines extension for Visual Studio Code has been released. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 DevOps New Features Today, we’re announcing a new integration between Azure Boards and GitHub. Development teams using GitHub can now take advantage of the rich project management capabilities offered by Azure Boards, including Kanban boards, backlogs, sprint planning tools, queries, and multiple work item types. Link Link Details
11/27/2018 DevOps Preview Features We are excited to share the preview availability of our Python packaging (PyPI) capabilities for Azure Artifacts and would love for you to give it a try. Link Link Details
11/14/2018 DevOps Updated Features In the Sprint 143 Update of Azure DevOps, we're introducing a new work item text editor that is much more powerful and easier to use. This is part of our effort to modernize and improve the experience across the product. In Azure Repos, you can create draft pull requests that you aren't yet ready to complete, so they can't be completed accidentally. We're also releasing some new features in Azure Artifacts, including the ability to exclude files in artifact uploads and get provenance information on packages. Link Link Details
10/25/2018 DevOps New Features Azure DevOps is now available over Azure ExpressRoute. See the Azure DevOps blog for more details. Connectivity to Microsoft online services like Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, Dynamics 365, and now Azure DevOps is through the Microsoft peering configuration of ExpressRoute circuits. Route filters are a way to consume a subset of supported services through Microsoft peering. Using route filters, you can enable services you want to consume through your circuit's Microsoft peering. Azure DevOps is included in the new Azure Global Services route filter with a BGP community value of 12076:5050. Link Link Details

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