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5/6/2019 DevOps New Features We're excited to announce that GitHub users will be able to sign in to Azure and Azure Devops using existing GitHub accounts. Just go to the Azure portal or Azure DevOps and click the GitHub icon to log in. (Available this week). Link Details
5/6/2019 DevOps Pricing Update Based on feedback, we have simplified how you license and pay for Azure DevOps capabilities. These include Azure Artifacts move to a consumption based model with 2GB free for each org. Basic license model is now a fixed priced and we've introduced a new basic and test plan license option. Link Link Details
5/6/2019 DevOps New Features Azure Pipelines, a core part of Azure DevOps, allows for the creation of Continuous Integration in a declarative way using YAML documents. With our new updates, development teams can now leverage the same YAML documents to build multi-stage pipelines-as-code for both Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Link Link Details
5/3/2019 DevOps New Features In the Sprint 151 Update of Azure DevOps, we improved the GitHub integration with Azure Boards by adding a GitHub Marketplace app to streamline the acquisition and configuration with your GitHub repositories. In addition, you can now link work items in Azure Boards with related issues in GitHub. For example, you can accept bug reports from your users in GitHub while organizing your team's work in Azure Boards. We also added a new Azure Pipelines app for Microsoft Teams so you can easily monitor and manage your pipelines from Teams. Link Link Details
4/25/2019 DevOps New Features Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Azure DevOps Server 2019 Virtual Machine and the corresponding self-paced labs on Azure DevOps Labs. Link Link Details
4/23/2019 DevOps Updated Features DevOps Sprint 150 brings the GA of the dark theme, a task assistant for editing YAML, team board badging and the GA of analytics. Link Link Details
4/10/2019 DevOps Security Update For the April security release, we are releasing fixes for vulnerabilities that impact Azure DevOps Server 2019, TFS 2018, TFS 2017, and TFS 2015. These vulnerabilities were found through our Azure DevOps Bounty Program. Thanks to everyone who has been participating in this program. Link Link Details
4/8/2019 DevOps General Availability Today, we’re excited to announce that the following Analytics features listed below will be included in our Azure DevOps Services offering at no additional cost. Customers will start to see these changes rolled out to their accounts soon. Link Link Details
4/8/2019 DevOps Region Update We are pleased to announce that customers can now create Azure DevOps organizations and choose that their data will be stored in the UK Azure geography. Link Link Details
4/8/2019 DevOps Updated Features With the Azure DevOps Sprint 149 Update, you’ll now be able to edit and delete your comments in a work item’s discussion in Azure Boards. Link Link Details

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