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10/17/2019 Monitor Preview Features The Azure Monitor for VMs team is busy preparing for our GA release and we wanted to share some details on upcoming changes that will occur ahead of our GA announcement. With this upgrade, Azure Monitor for VMs performance datasets will be stored in the same InsightsMetrics table as Azure Monitor for containers and will make it easier for you to query the two data sets. Also, we will be able to store more diverse data sets that we could not store in the previous table we used. Our performance views will also be updated to use this new table. We have received a lot of great feedback from customers about our VM health feature set. There is a lot of interest around this feature and excitement over its potential for supporting monitoring workflows. We are planning to make a series of changes to add functionality and address the feedback we have received. To minimize impact of these changes on new customers, we are moving this feature into a limited public preview. Link Link Details
10/4/2019 Data Share Preview Features Azure Data Share service has added support for snapshot-based sharing from Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse. It's now possible to share both structured data (from Azure SQL and SQL DW) and unstructured data (from Azure Data Lake Store and Blob storage) with centralized management and governance. This enables data providers to share tables and views, and data consumers can receive data in any of the following Azure data stores of their choice—Azure SQL, SQL DW, Azure Data Lake Store Gen2, and Blob storage. Data consumers also have the flexibility to choose the received data format including table, CSV, or Parquet files. Both one-time and schedule-based snapshots are supported. Link Link Details
9/24/2019 Portal Updated Features We’d like to share a few of the exciting updates that improve the user experience this month: Updated Azure SQL unified creation and management experience Updates to Azure Data Explorer Updates to Microsoft Intune Link Link Details
8/27/2019 Cost Management New Features There’s a new, more convenient way to share customized views in Azure Cost Management—directly from cost analysis. To customize, start with a built-in view, then select the date range, group the data to see a breakdown, and choose the right visualization. Then save your customized view (3). You’ll need Cost Management contributor or owner access to share views directly from cost analysis. Otherwise, continue with the previously existing methods of sharing customized views by pinning them to a dashboard (1) or creating a direct link (2). Access all customized views via the view menu (4) in cost analysis. You’ll see your private views first, then those shared across the scope, and lastly the built-in views, which are always available. Link Link Details
7/23/2019 Portal Updated Features We’d like to share a few of the exciting updates that improve the user experience this month: Use ephemeral OS disks on Azure VMs Send Windows Diagnostics data to Azure Monitor (Preview) Security Center recommendations and their corresponding policy names are aligned Adaptive Network Hardening in Security Center - now generally available Improved integration of Azure Security Center with Azure Advisor is now available Just-in-time access now supports Azure Firewall Updates to Microsoft Intune Link Link Details
7/22/2019 Kubernetes Service Preview Features We have been receiving requests to funnel the Prometheus data into Azure Monitor and today, we are excited to share Prometheus integration with Azure Monitor for containers is now in preview and brings together the best of two worlds. Link Link Details
7/11/2019 Storage Preview Features To enable enterprise collaboration, we are excited to unveil Azure Data Share Preview, a new data service for sharing data across organizations. Data professionals in the enterprise can now use Azure Data Share to easily and safely share big data with external organizations in Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Storage. New services will continue to come online. As a fully managed Azure service, Azure Data Share does not require infrastructure to set up and it scales to meet big data sharing demands. Link Link Details
4/22/2019 SQL Data Warehouse General Availability We’re excited to share more ways to optimize your Azure costs. Today we are releasing the general availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse reserved capacity and software plans for RedHat Enterprise Linux and SUSE. Link Link Details
3/25/2019 Data Factory New Features We are excited to share ADF built-in delete activity, which can be part of your ETL workflow to deletes undesired files without writing code. You can use ADF to delete folder or files from Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, File System, FTP Server, sFTP Server, and Amazon S3. Link Link Details
3/25/2019 Storage General Availability We are pleased to share the general availability of Azure Active Directory (AD) based access control for Azure Storage Blobs and Queues. Enterprises can now grant specific data access permissions to users and service identities from their Azure AD tenant using Azure’s Role-based access control (RBAC). Administrators can then track individual user and service access to data using Storage Analytics logs. Storage accounts can be configured to be more secure by removing the need for most users to have access to powerful storage account access keys. Link Link Details

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