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10/8/2019 DNS General Availability Announcing general availability of Azure DNS private zones. This release contains several bug fixes and removes restrictions that public preview had. Azure DNS private zones is now production ready and backed by Azure DNS SLA Azure DNS private zones provide reliable, secure DNS service to host, resolve and manage domain names from a virtual network without the need to add a custom DNS solution. Azure DNS private zones enables you to effortlessly tailor your DNS namespace design to best suit your organization's needs without having to worry about scalability, security and performance issues that arise from operating a custom DNS solution. Unlike public DNS zone, private DNS zones are not accessible over internet. DNS queries made against a private DNS zones can be resolved only from the virtual networks linked to the zone. Link Link Details
6/27/2019 DNS Preview Features We are delighted to announce Refresh release for Azure DNS private zones (preview). Azure DNS private zones (preview) provides secure and reliable name resolution for your virtual networks in Azure. The Preview Refresh introduces new functionality and lifts several restrictions that public preview had. The updates include new RM and API, new Portal Experience, higher limits and reduction of resource restrictions. Link Link Details
4/19/2019 DNS Region Update Azure DNS is now generally available in Azure China regions. This means that you can now host public DNS zones on name servers located in Azure China regions. These DNS zones are globally resolvable but hosted within Azure China regions and meet local compliance and regulatory requirements. Link Link Details
4/19/2019 CDN New Features New security and usability features have been added to Content Delivery Network, as well as additional capacity that will help improve the customer experience. These include certificates from Akamai, bring your own cert from Verizon, network and capacity expansion and DNS Root Apex support. Link Link Details
3/15/2019 Portal Updated Features This month’s updates include an improved “All services” view, Virtual Network Gateway overview updates, an improved DNS Zone and Load Balancer creation experience, Management Group integration into Activity Log, redesigned overview screens for certain services within Azure DB, an improved creation experience for Azure SQL Database, multiple changes to the Security Center, and more updates to Intune. Link Link Details
10/23/2018 Resource Manager Updated Features The Terraform Provider for AzureRM has been updated. It now includes VM Data Disks, Network Firewall, DNS CAA Record, Backend Address pool for NIC and AppGW and more. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Traffic Manager New Feature Customers can now add their endpoints to a Traffic Manager profile using IPv4 or IPv6 addresses and get A / AAAA type responses for DNS queries made against that profile. This option, currently limited to external type endpoints, enables endpoints without DNS names associated with them to be part of any Traffic Manager routing method and get the benefits of high availability and low latency connections for end users. Associated with that is a new routing method, Multi-Value routing, allowing you to specify how many healthy endpoints to be returned as part of a single DNS query response. This capability increases the reliability of your application by giving the callers multiple options to retry before querying again for a healthy endpoint. Traffic Manager now supports multi-tenant endpoints by letting you specify headers (including host headers) in the health checks that are initiated by Traffic Manager. This allows accurate health checking of those multi-tenant endpoints and routing traffic appropriately towards them. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 DNS New Feature We are announcing support for Alias records for DNS zones. This allows customers to reference other Azure resources from within their DNS zones such that the DNS records get updated automatically when there is a lifecycle event on the referenced Azure resources. We support Alias record references to two Azure resources – Public IP and Azure Traffic Manager – with more resources planned in the future. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Service Fabric New Feature Service Fabric now enables developers to have access to a new runtime independent Reliable Collections library that facilitates Dev/Test scenarios, the ability to create volume disks to store information locally, as well as multiple updates targeted to simplify the service to service communication, such as DNS resolution for stateful services, a new layer 7 gateway based on Envoy, and network isolation per application. Link Link Details
7/2/2018 DNS Updated Feature Azure DNS is now being offered at a 100% availability SLA that's backed by our diverse, geo-redundant DNS infrastructure. With this update, Azure DNS guarantees that valid DNS requests will receive a response from at least one name server 100% of the time. Link Link Details

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