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10/3/2019 Cost Management Updated Features Here are a few of the latest improvements and updates based on your feedback: Reconcile invoiced charges with the new invoice details view Automate reporting across subscriptions with management group exports What's new in Cost Management Labs Download charts to share views outside the Azure portal New ways to save money with Azure! Documentation updates Link Details
9/3/2019 Cost Management Updated Features Azure Cost Management budgets allow you to track and keep an eye on spending at any level of the organization. Budgets can be created on any scope above your Azure resources, from the billing account or a management group down to the resource groups where you're managing your apps. Now, with the ability to create filtered budgets in the Azure portal, you can easily monitor costs for anything from the entire organization to a single resource. Link Link Details
8/27/2019 Cost Management New Features There’s a new, more convenient way to share customized views in Azure Cost Management—directly from cost analysis. To customize, start with a built-in view, then select the date range, group the data to see a breakdown, and choose the right visualization. Then save your customized view (3). You’ll need Cost Management contributor or owner access to share views directly from cost analysis. Otherwise, continue with the previously existing methods of sharing customized views by pinning them to a dashboard (1) or creating a direct link (2). Access all customized views via the view menu (4) in cost analysis. You’ll see your private views first, then those shared across the scope, and lastly the built-in views, which are always available. Link Link Details
8/8/2019 Cost Management New Features We are excited to announce the release of a new budgets creation experience for all customers. When creating a budget, pictured below, you can now do the following: Filter budgets based on standard Cost Management dimensions View prior and forecasted costs applicable to your budget to help you determine a proper threshold View a recommended budget based on your highest forecasted cost for future periods Link Link Details
8/1/2019 Cost Management Updated Features ACM for Partners is now available. ACM for Marketplace PAYG subscriptions is now available. ACM Labs is now available. Additional updates like saving custom views and cost currency conversions are now available. Ability to manage EA departments and policies from the Azure portal has been updated. Link Link Details
7/30/2019 Cost Management Preview Features We are excited to announce a preview release of Azure marketplace charges within our Cost Analysis tool for Pay-As-You-Go customers. As a part of this preview you can now analyze your marketplace charges alongside your Azure service charges within Cost Analysis and reconcile your Azure marketplace invoice using both Cost Analysis and a new usage csv download API. Link Link Details
7/2/2019 Cost Management Updated Features Updates to ACM this month include reservation and MP purchases for EA and AWS users, forecasting Azure and AWS, cost and usage telemetry standardization and more. Link Link Details
5/31/2019 Cost Management Updated Features Here are a few of the latest improvements and updates based on your feedback: Expanded general availability (GA): Pay-as-you-go and Azure Government New preview: Manage AWS and Azure costs together in the Azure portal New getting started videos Monitor costs based on your pay-as-you-go billing period More comprehensive scheduled exports Extended date picker Share link to customized views Documentation updates Link Link Details
5/6/2019 Cost Management Preview Features Azure Cost Management for AWS is now in public preview, allowing you to manage your AWS and Azure spend right in the same service so you can get insights easily and find ways to optmize. Features like cost analysis and budgets are availble as part of this feature as well, helping simplify your cost management practice on multi-cliud scenarios. Link Link Details
4/22/2019 Cost Management General Availability We are excited to announce the general availability of Azure Cost Management features for all Pay-As-You-Go and Azure Government customers that will greatly enhance your ability to analyze and proactively manage your cloud costs. These features will allow you to analyze your cost data, configure budgets to drive accountability for cloud costs, and export pre-configured reports on a schedule to support deeper data analysis within your own systems. This release for Pay-As-You-Go customers also provides invoice reconciliation support in the Azure portal via a usage csv download of all charges applicable to your invoices. Link Link Details

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