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3/12/2018 CosmosDB General Availability Data Explorer, now generally available in the Azure portal, provides a rich and unified developer experience for inserting, querying, and managing Azure Cosmos DB data within the Azure portal and the Emulator. Link Link Details
2/7/2018 CosmosDB General Availability Azure Cosmos DB Graph API is the first cloud database to provide graph functionality over a globally distributed managed service. This has enabled users to explore new ways of consuming their data with the use of the Gremlin language while still benefitting from global distribution, elastic scalability in storage and throughput, guaranteed low latency, consistency models, and enterprise-ready SLAs of Azure Cosmos DB. In December, Azure Cosmos DB Graph API became generally available. This release includes several critical updates to the performance and latency, as well as expanding the application platforms that can be used with it. Link Link Details
12/20/2017 CosmosDB Region Update CosmosDB is now available in Azure France regions (preview) Link Details
12/20/2017 CosmosDB Preview Features To empower our users and their mission-critical workloads on Azure Cosmos DB, we are now allowing them to provision up to 1,000,000 RU/sec per container without raising a support request. Link Details
12/20/2017 CosmosDB Pricing Update We are pleased to announce that unlimited containers have now an entry point that is 60% cheaper than before. Instead of provisioning 2,500 RU/sec as a minimum, you can now provision an unlimited collection at 1,000 RU/sec and scale in increments of 100 RU/sec. Unlimited containers (collections) enable you to dynamically scale your provisioning from as low as 1,000 RU/sec to millions of RU/sec with no limit on storage consumption. Link Details
11/15/2017 CosmosDB General Availability For customers looking to run Spark over globally distributed operational data, today we are announcing the general availability of the Spark connector for Azure Cosmos DB. Spark connector for Azure Cosmos DB enables real-time data science, machine learning, advanced analytics and exploration over globally distributed data in Azure Cosmos DB by connecting it to Apache Spark. Link Link Details
11/15/2017 CosmosDB Updated Features Today, we are also happy to announce the public preview of unique indexes and aggregation pipeline support which allows Azure Cosmos DB developers using MongoDB API to perform data manipulation in multi-stage pipelines even within a single query, enabling streamlining development of more sophisticated aggregations. Unique index capability is now generally available and allows to introduce the uniqueness constraint on any document fields that are already auto-indexed in Azure Cosmos DB. Azure Cosmos DB now also implements MongoDB 3.4 wire protocol, allowing the use of tools and applications relying on it. Link Link Details
11/15/2017 CosmosDB General Availability We are also happy to pre-announce the general availability of Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin (Graph API), which will be coming at the end of 2017. This update will deliver critical improvements to the performance of graph operations, improved import and backup scenarios through new tooling, and enhanced support for open-source frameworks recommended by Apache Tinkerpop, including Python client support. Link Link Details
11/15/2017 CosmosDB General Availability We are happy to announce the general availability of Table API. With the Azure Cosmos DB Table API your applications written for Azure Table storage can now leverage premium capabilities of Azure Cosmos DB, such as turnkey global distribution, low latency reads/writes, automatic secondary indexing, dedicated throughput, and much more. Link Link Details
11/15/2017 CosmosDB Updated Features We have been making continuous improvements to our stack and today we are proud to announce even stronger SLAs for Azure Cosmos DB - now databases spanning multiple regions will have 99.999 percent read availability. Link Link Details

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