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2/28/2019 Cognitive Services Updated Features Developers can now access the latest Cognitive Services Speech SDK which now supports: Selection of the input microphone through the AudioConfig class Expanded support for Debian 9 Unity in C# (beta) Additional sample code Link Link Details
2/28/2019 Cognitive Services Updated Features You can now extract more insights and unlock new workflows from your images with the latest enhancements to Cognitive Services’ Computer Vision service. These include expanded tagging vocabulary, automated cropping with object detection, and monitoring for brand presence. Link Link Details
1/21/2019 Cognitive Services New Features Recently, we launched a new bundle of multiple services, enabling the use of a single API key for most of our generally available services: Computer Vision, Content Moderator, Face, Text Analytics, Language Understanding, and Translator Text. Now developers can provision all these services in 21 Azure regions around the world Link Link Details
1/21/2019 Cognitive Services Region Update More customers around the world can now take advantage of these intelligence services that are closer to their data. The global footprint for Cognitive Services has expanded over the past several months — going from 15 to 25 Azure data center regions. Link Link Details
1/21/2019 Cognitive Services New Features Cognitive Services now offers more assurances for where customer data is stored at rest. These assurances have been enabled by graduating several Cognitive Services to Microsoft Azure Core Services. The first services to make Azure Core Service commitments (effective January 1, 2019) are Content Moderator, Computer Vision, Face, Text Analytics, and QnA Maker. Link Link Details
12/20/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Features Cognitive Services Speech Services now offers a neural text-to-speech capability in preview. Use this capability to deploy voices to apps that are nearly indistinguishable from the human voice. The neural text-to-speech capability enables you to make interactions with chatbots and virtual assistants more natural and engaging, to convert digital text such as e-books into audiobooks, and to enhance vehicle navigation systems. Link Link Details
12/13/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Features Applying the latest in deep learning innovation, Speech Service, part of Azure Cognitive Services now offers a neural network-powered text-to-speech capability. Access the preview available today. Link Link Details
12/12/2018 Cognitive Services New Features Starting December 21, 2018, you’ll be able to associate your Cognitive Services subscription with an Azure Search skillset. The skillset execution will be charged as part of the Cognitive Services subscription. On December 21, 2018, we’ll also begin charging for image extraction as part of our document-cracking stage. Text extraction from documents will continue to be offered at no additional cost. Link Link Details
12/4/2018 Cognitive Services General Availability Today, we are pleased to also announce the general availability of custom translation capability in Cognitive Services. Custom translation enables you to build customized neural machine translation (“NMT”) systems. This enables seamless integration into existing applications, workflows, and websites. With its general availability, custom translation builds on the strengths of the Translator Text Cognitive Service, which powers billions of translations every day and supports more than three dozen languages. Link Details
12/4/2018 Cognitive Services Preview Features Today, we are excited to announce that Language Understanding is now available as part of the preview. With container support for Language Understanding, you can easily and quickly add cognitive capabilities — such as object detection, vision recognition, and language understanding — into your apps without having deep data science skills. Cognitive Services containers enable customers to build one application architecture that is optimized to take advantage of both robust cloud capabilities and edge locality. Link Link Details

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