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4/17/2019 Cognitive Services Updated Features We are excited to provide several updates for the QnA Maker service. These include a new bot framework template, extraction of SharePoint files, a help bot and more. Link Link Details
3/7/2019 Bot Service Updated Features LINE is now a supported channel. The 4.3 SDK is released with a focus on improving and simplifying message and activities handling. Web API integration is now available. QnA Maker and LUIS support is now supported. Link Link Details
2/8/2019 Bot Service General Availability Today we announced the general availability of the Microsoft Healthcare Bot in the Azure Marketplace. The Microsoft Healthcare Bot is a cloud service that powers conversational AI for healthcare. It’s designed to empower healthcare organizations to build and deploy compliant, AI-powered virtual health assistants and chatbots that help them put more information in the hands of their users, enable self-service, drive better outcomes, and reduce costs. Link Link Details
11/17/2018 Bot Service Updated Features Bot Framework SDK version 4.1 includes the Bot Framework Emulator, the Web Chat V4, and version 4.1 of the C# and JavaScript SDKs. With version 4.1 of the SDK and tools, the team is focusing on periodic releases of the SDK and tools for bot development. Link Link Details
11/17/2018 Bot Service Security Update On December 4, 2018, the Azure Bot Service will require all connections to be secured using transport layer security (TLS) 1.2. Link Link Details
9/24/2018 Bot Service Updated Feature Today, we're announcing the general availability of Microsoft Bot Framework SDK V4 for C# and JavaScript, and a set of cross-platform command line tools for managing bots, bots’ services, and channels. The Bot Framework Emulator V4 has a new version but remains in preview. With this release, Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot Service offer a comprehensive experience to build, test, and publish intelligent enterprise-grade bots on Azure Bot Service. Link Link Details
5/7/2018 Bot Service New Feature Bot Builder Tools are designed to enable an end-to-end conversational app-centric development workflow. From planning and testing mockups, through adding intelligence to your bot with LUIS models and QnAMaker knowledge bases, to publishing your bot and connecting with your audience using Azure Bot Services supported channels. Link Link Details
5/7/2018 Bot Service Preview Feature Bot Builder Dispatch is a tool used evaluate potential intents conflicts and overlap across multiple bot components such as LUIS models and QnA knowledge bases. Determining which bot component is best suited to handle a given user utterance or provide the best possible answer for any given user query can be challenging. The Dispatch is a component of the new Bot Builder SDKv4 that helps makes bots smarter by using Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding to determine which part of your bot is best suited to address a user’s given needs. Link Link Details
5/7/2018 Bot Service New Feature Azure Bot Service is now introducing authentication as a capability for developers. Through it a developer can easily configure a bot with an authentication provider including AAD and many named OAuth providers. Once configured, a few simple lines of code and the bot will authenticate users as part of the conversation. Link Details
5/7/2018 Bot Service Updated Feature BotBuilder SDK V4 was designed for extensibility and modularity based on feedback from our vibrant developer community. You can quickly start with a simple bot design and increase its sophistication and intelligence by adding different components such as Cognitive Services Language Understanding models and QnAMaker knowledge bases. With the Bot Builder SDK v4 you can develop bots that have more guided interactions and provide the user with discrete choices or actions. Or you can design freeform conversation using Microsoft Cognitive Services Language Understanding (LUIS). With LUIS, you can add natural language interactions to allow your users to interact with your bots more naturally and expressively. Your bot’s conversation can use plain text as well as more sophisticated cards containing text, images, and actions buttons. Link Link Details

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