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8/21/2019 Blockchain Service Updated Features Work more efficiently with the updated Azure Blockchain Development Kit by using our new interactive debugger. While there are some great command line tools (for example, Truffle Debugger), these tools aren’t incorporated into integrated development environments (IDE) like Visual Studio Code. Native integration of the Truffle Debugger into Visual Studio Code bringsall the standard debugging features that developers have come to rely on like breakpoints, step in/over/out, call stacks, watch windows, and Intellisense pop ups that let developers quickly identify, debug, and resolve issues. Additionally, this brings all the major components of software development (build, debug, test, and deploy) for smart contracts into the popular Visual Studio Code developer environment. Visit the Visual Studio Marketplace to try these new features today. Link Link Details
6/27/2019 Blockchain Service Preview Features Azure Blockchain Workbench 1.7 is now available in preview. Along with our new Blockchain Service, this release can further enhance your blockchain development and projects. Deploy a new instance of Blockchain Workbench through the Azure portal or upgrade your existing deployments to 1.7. using our upgrade script. This update includes improvements to the integration with Blockchain Service and enhanced compatibility with Quorum. Link Link Details
6/18/2019 Blockchain Service Preview Features This week, we doubled down on our relationship with Truffle by announcing an official partnership between our organizations to bring Truffle blockchain tools for developer experience and DevOps to Microsoft Azure. This will manifest not just in Visual Studio and Azure DevOps, but also upcoming tools from Truffle such as Truffle Teams. Through this partnership, developers working in Truffle environments will have access to Azure services, and Azure customers will have access to the suite of tools Truffle provides to make developing on Ethereum easy. Link Link Details
5/3/2019 Blockchain Service Preview Features Azure Blockchain Service is a fully-managed blockchain service that simplifies the formation, management, and governance of consortium blockchain networks so businesses can focus on workflow logic and application development. Today, we’re excited to announce that the public preview is now available. Link Link Details
10/27/2017 Marketplace Updated Features The Blockchain as a Service team within the Azure Marketplace has updated the BlockApps STRATO Suite to the latest version. Link Link Details
10/24/2017 Marketplace New Features blk.io has been hard at work on products to support the enterprise build applications powered by blockchain. This includes driving the web3j group of projects. They have also built a service for creating and managing ERC-20 tokens on top of Quorum. This service, of course, is leveraging web3j, a RESTful service, and Spring Boot. Link Link Details

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