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12/7/2018 Backup New Features We are excited to announce In-Place restore of disks in IaaS VMs along with simplified restore improvements in Azure Backup. This feature helps roll back or fix corrupted virtual machines through in-place restore without the needs of spinning up a new VM. With the introduction of this feature, customers have multiple choices for IaaS VM restore like create new VM, Restore Disks and Replace disks. Link Link Details
10/11/2018 Backup Region Update Azure Backup has expanded its operations to Australia Central and Australia Central 2. Link Link Details
10/8/2018 Backup New Features We are excited to announce Azure Backup support for Standard SSD Managed Disks, a new type of durable storage for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. Also, you can now back up virtual machines with up to 32 disks. Link Link Details
8/30/2018 Backup Preview Feature You can use the Azure Backup service to help protect SQL Server instances running on an Azure VM. This workload backup capability is an infrastructureless, pay-as-you-go service that uses native SQL Server backup and restore APIs to provide a comprehensive solution to back up SQL Server instances. It also provides a 15-minute log backup with point-in-time restore up to a specific second. Link Link Details
7/20/2018 Backup Updated Feature The monthly update rollup for Azure Backup has been published with a number of changes and fixes. Link Link Details
6/4/2018 Backup Preview Feature Today we are extending the Azure backup capability beyond virtual machines and files to also include backup of a SQL instance running on a VM. This is a zero-infrastructure backup service that provides freedom from managing backups scripts, agents, backup servers or even backup storage. Moreover, customers can perform SQL log backups with 15-minute intervals on SQL Servers and SQL Always On Availability groups. Learn more on the key benefits of this capability and how to get started. Link Link Details
4/19/2018 Backup New Feature We are happy to announce the Azure IaaS VM backup support for network restricted storage accounts. Link Link Details
4/17/2018 Backup Updated Feature Today, we are delighted to announce increased scale limits for Azure Backup. Users can now create as many as 500 recovery services vaults in each subscription per region as compared to the earlier limit of 25 vaults per region per subscription. Customers who have been hitting the vault limits due to a restriction of 25 vaults can now go ahead and create vaults to manage their resources better. In addition, the number of Azure virtual machines that can be registered against each vault has been increased to 1,000 from the earlier limit of 200 machines under each vault. Link Link Details
3/17/2018 Backup Region Update Azure Backup is now available in Azure France. The service is available in both France Central and France South. Link Link Details
3/13/2018 Backup General Availability Today, we are excited to announce the support for backup of large disk VMs and set of improvements aimed at reducing the time taken for backup and restore. These set of improvements and large disk support is based on a new VM backup stack and are available for both managed and unmanaged disks. You can seamlessly upgrade to this new stack without any impact to your on-going backup jobs and there is no change to how you setup backup or restore. Link Link Details

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