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8/8/2019 Backup Region Update Azure Backup is now available in West India, as well as UAE Central, UAE North, South Africa North, and South Africa West. Link Link Details
6/20/2019 Backup Preview Features Today we are excited to announce Azure Backup support for EOS SQL 2008 and 2008 R2 in public preview. Link Link Details
5/16/2019 Backup New Features NSG service tag for Azure Backup, now available, aims to ease the process of running backups in an environment locked down using NSGs. With this, you now have the option to simply use the ‘AzureBackup’ tag to allow outbound access to Azure Backup for your workload (SQL server) agent running inside the VM, instead of managing whitelisting of required IPs. Link Link Details
5/7/2019 Backup Preview Features Azure Backup support for SAP HANA databases is now in public preview. With this, customers can manage large-scale SAP HANA implementations with no infrastructure for backup. For more information, please refer to the Azure Backup for SAP HANA documentation. Link Details
3/18/2019 Backup General Availability Azure Backup capabilities to backup SQL Servers running in Azure Virtual Machines is now generally available. This workload backup capability is built as an infrastructureless, pay-as-you-go service that uses native SQL backup and restore APIs to provide a comprehensive solution to backup SQL servers running in Azure IaaS VMs. Link Link Details
2/26/2019 Backup New Features Today, we are delighted to share the release of Azure Backup Instant Restore capability for Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). Instant Restore helps Azure Backup customers quickly recover VMs from the snapshots stored along with the disks. In addition, users get complete flexibility in configuring the retention range of snapshots at the backup policy level depending on the requirements and criticality of the virtual machines associated, giving users more granular control over their resources. Link Link Details
1/23/2019 Backup Preview Features You can now retain your backup of Azure Files shares for 10 years by using Azure Backup, through PowerShell. Azure Backup also supports backup and restore of ACLs of Azure Files shares. Link Link Details
12/20/2018 Backup Preview Features We are excited to share the auto-protection capability for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines (VM). This is a key addition to the public preview of Azure Backup for SQL Server on Azure VM, announced earlier this year. Azure Backup for SQL Server is an enterprise credible, zero-infrastructure pay as you go (PAYG) service that leverages native SQL backup and restore APIs to provide a comprehensive solution to backup SQL servers running in Azure VMs. Link Link Details
12/20/2018 Backup New Features V3 is the latest upgrade for Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS). Azure Backup Server can now be installed on Windows Server 2019 with SQL 2017 as its database. MABS V3 brings key enhancements in the areas of storage and security. Link Link Details
10/11/2018 Backup Region Update Azure Backup has expanded its operations to Australia Central and Australia Central 2. Link Link Details

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